Nation wide bandhs - for or against the nation?

 | May 31,2012 06:05 pm IST

A mixed response was seen to the Bharat Bandh called by National Democratic Alliance led by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the left parties. However, the bandh called for a huge loss in trade and commerce, which was called against the recent hike in petrol prices.


According to Zee News, Jaipur and Bihar lost an estimated amount of Rs 200 crore each in the days business due to the strike. Meanwhile, Lucknow suffered a loss of Rs 127 crore followed by Bhopal which incurred a loss of Rs 100 crore.


Moreover, normal life was disrupted as major shops, commercial establishments were closed. Bandh supporters pelted stones on buses in Mumbai and Pune only to the harassment of common man.


  • Do you think Nation wide bandhs can bring any change to the plight of our country?
  • Are the bandhs for or against the nation?


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