Bell the CAT: It's Simple

 | September 26,2012 01:26 pm IST

Its that time of the year again, when lakhs of MBA aspirants are putting their sweat and blood to prepare for the much-dreaded and much hyped Common Admission Test. But is CAT really as terrifying as it is thought to be? The fact is, that if taken with sincerity and good time management, it will prove to be a journey with immense learning and growth, a journey that will reap benefits for many years to come and will be cherished forever.

Though there is no single mantra for success, I would like to put forth a few suggestions that might be of help as CAT draws near.

Do not mock the Mock Test:
The mistake made by many is that they do not take the Mock Test seriously. They are a reflection of your preparation so far. Preparation for a mock should be like preparing for the D day. It would be advised that you leave your mobile phones and wallets at home when going for a mock. Feel the mock like the Cat exam and believe me you will feel CAT like a mock. But remember a bad mock does not mean a bad Cat.


Give the Mock Test in a Test Center:
Many aspirants by choice give mocks from their homes. It is strictly not a good practice. It would be good to write mocks in the respective test centers. Never blame the atmosphere in the centre as a reason for not giving mocks there. The glitches and difficulties faced in mocks can help in coping with any possible problems on the final day.

It would be advisable to give 1 mock test in a CAT like atmosphere, i.e. reaching a centre early and waiting for the exam window to open.


Quality outscores Quantity:
With just few days to the final exam and seeing a pile of mock tests in your email account leaves many with a hint that they should give a mock daily. However, by adopting a daily mock strategy one should not miss out on analyzing the mocks. Analysis of mocks is as essential as giving them.


Everyone is Not YUVRAJ:
There are a few people, who outperform when put under pressure. However, it is never advisable to put yourself under pressure as it can as well backfire and hamper your performance. So dont think CAT to be a now or never game. The words Never again should only be used for your mistakes and not for CAT.

Everything cannot be under your control:
Everything cant be under your control. So stop cribbing over the things which you cannot change. We see a lot of people cribbing over Normalization, online exam etc. but that is beyond your control. So stop cribbing and try to use that energy in a constructive manner.


CAT is a part of LIFE; LIFE is not a part of CAT:
Many people go into their shell and think CAT is life. No. This is not true. Do other activities which will not only relax your mind but also help in rejuvenating you and help your preparation. CAT is just a small part of life so give it a sincere shot, so that you have no regrets as far as preparation is concerned! Rest assured, you will do well provided you are aware of yourself, your surroundings & your priorities. I am positive about you achieving your goals in life and would wish you All the Very Best for CAT 2012!