CAT 2012 Preparation Calendar: What to do with one month in hand

 | September 06,2012 10:56 am IST

Its 2012, the story is still the same as last year, one month and again no one knows what to do. Panic sets in, and people forget the basics.

So just stay calm, keep your composure and get ready to roll.

Last month, as with every exam, is the most important month. If utilized properly it can be the difference between a top ten college and a top thirty college. People who have done justice to the last month have reaped rich rewards in the past and there is no stopping you from doing the same.

So just divide the whole month into four weeks and plan accordingly.

September 1st week: To start off with Do a SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat) Analysis. A SWOT analysis will make you identify your weak points, strong points and also keep you on your toes against the external threats.

If Verbal Ability is your weak point spend some extra time on reading. If you were reading one article daily till this time, start reading two. There is no shortcut to success when it comes to scoring big in verbal ability, so just read, read and read.

This is also the time when some of your friends/peers will ask you to quit the whole preparation. You do badly in one mock and they will come after you and will try to convince you to give it next year. This is the time when you should shun everything out and just ignore these negative threats.


September 2nd week: Do an analysis on the weak points that were identified in the first week. Check where you stand now on that.

Make sure that by third week all your week points are strong points. If it is quant that is troubling you then practice the weak topics as much as you can. Forget about the mock scores for a while.


One bad score here and there in the Mocks might drag you off track but that is the trap that you should avoid getting into.

Use your study packages and notes. For further practice you can consult reference books such as Arun Sharmas books on CAT. Give mocks every alternate day and analyze them.

Full analysis of the mock should be done and dont leave any mock unanalyzed.

September 3rd week: If the efforts put in the first two weeks are genuine then you will start seeing positive results by the end of the third week.

Your weak points will now be your strong points. An extra hour given to verbal would have definitely improved your verbal ability scores and you can actually see it getting reflected in your Mock scores.

If you had given an extra half an hour daily to say geometry, then you will start seeing the effect immediately. Now you are comfortable solving geometry questions in Mock.


September 4th week: A good three weeks upfront in September will make the fourth week a bit relaxed. This is the time to let go of the weak points and just concentrate on the strong points. The strong points are what will differentiate you from others in the end.

Try to maximize your scores in your stronger areas, so that you can compensate on your weaker points.

Do not touch any new material. Stick to your notes. Keep revising the formulae. Do not stop reading. Reading will keep you in good stead not only for CAT but post CAT also.

Dont keep the newspapers aside, thinking that it is a burden or sheer time wastage, rather take it as a knowledge add on which will help you not only for CAT interviews but also after that. A good GK base is like gold dust in a B school.

October 1st week till the exam: This is where most people lose it. Stop giving mocks at least seven days before the actual CAT. One bad score at this time will undo all the hard work of the past month. It will just hit your confidence, so just stay away from all the distractions and concentrate more on the revision part of all the fundamental things.

Dont miss out on the fun/recreational part of life also because that is what will keep your mind fresh. CAT being an aptitude test requires a cool head, so a head full of tensions and doubts is only going to create problems.