Cracking MH CET 2011: Strategize your attempts

 | February 23,2011 02:40 pm IST

The MH CET examination is the biggest state level entrance examination conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) Maharashtra. It is an exam of both – SPEED and ACCURACY.

You cannot compromise on either. CET is known to be an examination which is easy to crack provided one has 3 ½ to 4 hours to solve the paper. But to solve all 200 questions in 150 minutes with an accuracy of around 80% or more-- is the main challenge.

5 Tips to crack CET:-

This is how we all did it!
1-Finalise a strategy: An almost sure-shot key to success in this exam is to develop a strategy to attempt the paper. One must know exactly how he/she will be utilizing those 150 minutes in the paper- either by dividing one’s time amongst the different sections from Data interpretation to Visual reasoning OR by dividing it according to questions which can be solved quicker to questions which would be time consuming.

2- Data Interpretation: This section consists of questions presented in a variety of forms whether in the form of Bar graphs or pie charts. A good way to score in this section is to keep a lookout for the different type of questions that can appear for each form of data that is presented. For example: in a pie chart the data can be presented not only in terms of percentages but also in degrees. Hence, one must we aware of these while solving the paper.


3- Visual Reasoning: This is a differentiating factor between CET and several other exams. Around 30 of these questions usually appear in the exam. Most people perceive this section as extremely difficult and avoid this section but in fact very often it is said that this section can ‘make or break’ one’s score. This section has endless possibilities from ‘find the missing element to find the odd one out’ and the concept of ‘practice makes perfect’ would greatly apply to this section as once one is comfortable solving such questions, his/her marks would increase automatically.


4- In the last few days before CET revise your formulae as well as just work on the sections you are weak at. Keep in mind the mistakes that have been made while solving mock tests and ensure not to repeat them in the actual exam.


5- Do not waste additional time on a particular question. In the first 1-1 ½ hours make sure you solve those question sets which you are the most familiar with. Remember one thing- if the paper is tough for you , it is tough for everyone ! So do not get demotivated and keep a calm mind and give it your best shot.