English Grammar: Lessons in Causative Verbs

S.N. Singh | June 04,2010 10:01 am IST

Causative Verbs


make - made - made - making - to make -

As a causative verb, 'make' has its no meaning but causes somebody to do something. In Active Voice, 'make' is followed by bare infinitives. In passive voice, to-infinitive is used.

Study the following sentences -

1. The students made the chief guest make a speech on 'Corruption'.
2. Mother was making her child sleep that time.
3. Why are you making these children stand on the benches?
4. Don't make me tell a lie.
5. She was made to sing a sweet song.


B.. get - got - got - getting - to get -
have - had - had - having - to have -

As a causative verb, 'get' or 'have' has its no meaning but causes something done. It (get or have) is always followed by 3rd form of verbs.


Study the following sentences -

1. Why did the students get the date of the exam extended?
2. Ashoka, the Great, got many trees planted and many wells dug in his empire for the welfare of his subjects.
3. Get the game started.
4. When did you have hair cut?
5. He has got many books published.
6. Why are you getting these trees cut down?
7. Aurangzeb had his brothers assassinated.
8. I have to get my TV-set repaired.

Note: In the past tense, 'have' is preferred.


Correct the following sentences: -
1. If you had told me the fact, you would not fall in troubles.
2. If he was a lion, he will roar.
3. If the car had had petrol, we would go to Nainital.
4. If all the trains were come to a halt all of a sudden, all the trades would have come to a standstill.
5. Who has got all this done without my permission?
6. If Mohan was prosecuted, he would be sent to jail.
7. If curfew had been imposed in the city, some people would not be killed.
8. If you tell me what has happened with you, I would stand by you.
9. The teacher got the students given two rupees each to the juggler.
10. The minister had some employees remove from their services.
11. Why are you making this child to weep?
12. If it does not rain in time, crops would wither.
13. Had Gandhiji lived longer, he would work for a world state. There will have been no military force.
14. When will you get your house whitewash?
15. The antics of the jester made the princess laughed heartily.
16. Who made you done such absurd things?
17. Did you have all the arrangements made before the guests arrived?
18. We should get people planted some trees in their own areas.
19. Who is making all these trees fell?
20. The king had the hands of the dacoits to amputate.


Pay Attention: See the difference in the following sentences in passive voice: -

1. The lion was killed.
2. The lion was got killed.
3. Some persons were murdered.
4. Some persons were got murdered.




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