English Grammar: Lessons in Conditional Sentences

S.N. Singh | April 11,2011 11:47 am IST

Conditional Sentences

A Conditional Sentence is a sentence that indicates that an action or a condition is completed only if the condition given is fulfilled.




. The possible possibilities - 

help, helps, do, doeswill, shall + 1st form of a verb
help, is, am, are + complementscan, may + 1st form of a verb
is, am, are + 3rd form of a verbwill, shall, can, may + be + 3rd form of a verb



Note: In a conditional sentence, the conjunctions like 'if', 'unless', 'provided' are used.


Study the following sentences -

1. If you shirk the work, you will not be able to do anything.
2. If there are more cottage industries in the villages, people will get much employment.
3. If the citizens of our country are united, disciplined, and hardworking, the country will make progress by leaps and bounds.
4. I will not let you go from here, unless you give me my book back.
5. If we want to live in peace, we must live together.


B.. The least possible possibilities -


helped, did helpwould, might, could + 1st form of a verb
were + to help or to be helpedwould, might, could + be + 3rd form of a verb
were + complements or 3rd form of a verbwould, might, could + complements

Note: 'Would' is preferred.


Study the following sentences -

1. If we were birds, we would fly in the sky. (only wish in future)
2. Were I you, I would not attend the meeting.
3. If he were the Prime-Minister of India, he would abolish untouchability from the country.
4. If you studied hard, you would stand first.
5. The people will respect us, if we respect them.


C.. The impossible possible possibilities -


had + 3rd form of a verbwould have + 3rd form of a verb
had + 3rd form of a verbwould have been + complements
had been + complements 
3rd form of a verb3rd form of a verb




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