How to tackle Family Tree questions in MBA entrance exam

 | June 04,2012 09:49 am IST

Family Tree questions are a regular part of MBA entrance exams. MBA entrances exams such as SNAP, NMAT, IRMA, have questions on family trees year after year.

Family Tree questions can be very scoring, but only if one knows the trick to solve them.

Here is how we can easily solve them..


       Family Tree Notations

Grand Father X and Grand Mother Y with and Son (A ) who in turn is a Husband (A) with Wife (B) and Child (C) (Female)


        Family Tree notations 2

Now here we can see three generations of the same family, A is the son of X and Y, B is the daughter in Law of X and Y, C is the grandchild, E is the aunt of C

Similarly as the family members increase, so does the diagram. It becomes larger and a little more complex

Questions that come can be given statements such as:
Identify the number of male/females in the given problem statement
Identify number of the generations in family tree
Identify who is married to whom or who is a father/mother of whom or brother/sister of whom, etc.
How many couples are there? In the question, how many have children?
How many are unmarried?

All the above type of questions can be solved, by following a simple notation and creating a family tree and answering the related questions.

Lets have a look at An Example
1. B is Fs daughter in law. D is As only grand child . C is Ds only uncle. A has only 2 children F and C, one of them is male and another is female. E is the father of C.

     Family Tree Notations 3

 Family tree notations 4

Proceed in this way and you will accurately solve the family tree problems in no time.