In Conversation with Prof Sadhna Ghosh, Chairperson, NITIE Admission Committee

 | January 23,2012 01:19 pm IST

National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) Mumbai is one of the premier institutes of management education in India. It is one of the finest b-schools in our country and most sought after too.

NITIE has consistently been ranked among the top b-schools in India. spoke to Prof. Sadhna Ghosh, Chairperson, NITIE Admission Committee…


1. What does NITIE look for in a candidate?
NITIE looks for the potential of the student to succeed in management arena. By initial shortlist of GDPI through CAT scores, it is ensured that incoming students have good aptitude and verbal skills. This is followed by GDPI process where students are checked on their academics, work experience, extra-curricular and other achievements to identify the overall potential of the student to emerge as a manager.


2. What is the range of CAT / GATE scores you accepted last year?
Admission for all 3 management courses of NITIE is through CAT. For PGDIM course, cutoff was between 97.5 to 98.5 percentile, for PGDITM it was between 96.5 to 97.5 percentile and for PGDISEM; cutoff generally remains above 92 percentile.


3. What important factors are considered during admission at NITIE?
Being a first class engineer is the essential requirement for being eligible to apply for NITIE. Apart from this, one needs to have verbal skills coupled with awareness of what an individual has done in past and how would management studies help him in building the career. We believe in turning first class engineers into world class managers who can contribute significantly to the growth of country. So, the focus is on overall personality of the student rather than on just academic record or just work experience.


4. How much important a factor is work experience for admission in NITIE? What is the batch profile of last two years?
Work experience is preferred as having prior knowledge of industry always helps in understanding the class room concepts and their real life relevance in a better way. However, having work experience is not the only factor taken into consideration. We do have a good mix of work experience and freshers in all our batches. Around 70% -80% of the batch has worked in industry for at least few months. However, exact batch profile can be checked at our official website.


5. NITIE recently hiked its fee by 15 – 20 %. Don’t you think that due to slowdown in the economy this fee hike shall put extra burden on aspirants?
We do not find the fee hike in NITIE putting an extra burden on aspirants. Major reason being even after fee hike, our overall fee of 2 years that includes the hostel expenses and medical insurance is less than half of that charged by other B-Schools of our reputation. Having said this, the ROI in long term as well as short term of studying from NITIE has always been appreciated by the students.



6. What sort of infrastructural expansion is being done and how it will benefit students?
We have had good facilities for all our students all these years. However, due to increase in batch size we are into Infrastructural expansion. This includes the new hostel, new academic block and better bandwidth for IT facilities. All these directly contribute making the stay of students in campus comfortable and act as facilitator in providing a better learning environment to students.


7. Is there any increase in the number of seats?
No, there is no increase in number of seats as compared to last batch. Incoming batch has 274 PGDIM seats, 39 PGDISEM and 25 PGDITM seats.

8. What kind of support and guidance is offered by the institute to the students for placements?
NITIE enjoys 100% placement record since its inception. There is a dedicated placement cell which facilitates the placement process under the guidance of Dean, Students Welfare and Placement.


9. What kind of job profiles students get in campus placements?
Job profiles offered in campus vary across different domains like Consultancy, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations, IT and Environmental Safety. All students appreciate the fact that NITIE provided them the opportunity to get into profiles of their choice for their career.


10. How important are B-School rankings?
We give importance to B-School rankings but the extent depends on the credibility of organization coming out with the rankings. We provide more importance to those rankings which perform a holistic and comprehensive research on different parameters which contribute to making a B-School better place for learning management studies.

11. How does NITIE differentiate with other leading b-schools?
Major USP of NITIE is its intellectual capital which is ensured by the first class engineers who score high in CAT, the most competitive MBA entrance followed by an excellent overall personality. In addition to this, strategic location of Mumbai provides an extra edge to students in terms of becoming the part of various live industry projects. All this is coupled with experienced faculty who bring in their industry experience to the classrooms for the benefit of students.


12. Which b-school would you benchmark NITIE with?
NITIE has always been recognized as one of the top 10 B-Schools of the country and we see ourselves at par with top IIMs, XLRI and FMS. Our students have the same potential and are given the same stature in the industry.

13. There is the issue that graduates in India are unemployable. What do you think?
This issue has been raised in wider context and not for the students of top 10 B-Schools we are talking about.


14. How do you maintain the quality of faculty at NITIE when there is huge faculty crunch even at the IIMs? Do you also have visiting international faculties?
NITIE has high faculty to student ratio. NITIE currently has 45 regular faculties and this number is going to move up as the selection process for faculty is midway.
Yes, we do have visiting faculties who have international exposure and are recognized across the globe for their contribution.


15. Do you think there should be one centralized exam for b-school admissions?
We would not like to comment on this. As you know, we take only CAT scores for admissions to management courses and are quite contend with the incoming talent on the basis of CAT performance.

16. What are your future plans for the institute and its students?
As of now, plans consist of focusing on efficient running of 3 management courses so that the industry requirements can be met by the students graduating from NITIE.