MBA Preparation tips from IIM Indore student

 | May 30,2011 06:23 pm IST

Anshul Jain, second year PGDM student at IIM Indore in conversation with on how he planned and pursued his pre MBA preparation before actually making it to IIM Indore.


Q. How did you kick start your preparations for getting into the B-school of your choice?
Joined Test series of TIME and CL, had got basic material from a friend; used test series papers mainly for preparation.


Q. When did you start your preparation? Did you plan before hand about your preparations?
I started with test series in June. I was not serious in the beginning but as mocks went by, became pretty focused. I had not planned when I would start preparing, but I knew 3-4 months before the exam would be good enough for me.


Q. How many hours daily did you devote for preparation of entrance exams?
Average 12 – 15 hours/ week; studied mainly over the weekend.


Q. Did you take up some coaching or you believed in self-study?
I did not take up any coaching as such but got enrolled with TIME’s bright batch which has 10 lectures to discuss higher level problems. I believed mainly in self study and used past question papers as a guide.


Q. What was your experience with coaching?
I think coaching can mainly help you with Quant concepts if your basics are not strong, but for English and DI, one needs to put in a lot of efforts themselves and solve questions. Last year question papers are a good source of practice and one should ideally try to get them from friends/ seniors etc.


Regarding GD/PI, I personally did not have very good experience with the institutes I had enrolled with and in hindsight, should have joined some specialized coaching or took guidance from students studying in IIMs.


Q. What are the other books and tests that you used for your MBA preparation?
TIME / CL / PT Test series
Learnt Barron’s GRE wordlist
I purchased TotalGadha’s two e-Books for Quant and really like their content


Q. What were your strongest and your weakest areas while preparing for MBA?

My strong areas were DI and Quant and weakest was English


Q. What helped you master Quantitative Aptitude, Reading Comprehension, etc.?

I practiced a lot of Quant questions – easy, medium, tough all categories. For reading comprehension, I used to read articles daily from,, Hindu newspaper etc


For DI, I used to do 1 caselet a day. As I had joined 3 test series simultaneously, I was giving 4-5 mocks a week.


Q. How did you manage to prepare for test while working full time?
It was tough but I think I was lucky enough due to advent of online testing whereby I could book my slot on any day of the week and choose time of my convenience. I had prepared a schedule for myself. I knew on which days of the week I would be relatively free at work and booked a slot for the online test. This way my preps were going great guns.


I especially made good use of my weekends and totally devoted them to CAT preparation without fail.


Q. What procedures your school has for admission to its MBA program?
IIM Indore typically uses a psychometric test in addition to written ability test which is basically essay writing on current affairs or social issues facing our country. It is followed by an interview with the faculty.


Q. What is the range of score your B-school accepts?
It varies from year to year. During my year, they admitted people with 91.xx %ile to 99.xx %ile IN General Category owing to great emphasis on prior work ex.


Q. What was your score?
Overall – 99.72%ile

QA – 92.75%ile
DI – 99.53%ile
EU – 99.52%ile


Q. Give some handy tips regarding the MBA written tests that would be of great help to MBA aspirants.

As soon as you reach the critical mass with your quant basics, start giving full length tests. Give as many as you can and leave no stone unturned in analyzing them carefully and attempting all the left over questions after the exam.

Read at least one article per day from any good source, like besides reading a good newspaper like Hindu. Forget movies and all such distractions for 3-4 months and focus on CAT exclusively.