CAT 2012: 6 days to go!

 | October 01,2012 10:43 am IST

CAT 2012 is approaching fast with just 6 days to go for the brave hearts that chose to bell the CAT the very first day of its public appearance this year. Alright, it could be a daunting feeling to have your months of rigorous preparation put to test and yet be normal.

Its easier said than done.


Experts suggest, the week before and during the exam, life should be as normal as possible, as a clear head is important for taking the exam efficiently.


Ok! Too many nights spent sleepless preparing for your D-day, mugging up those winning tricks etc. The last week before your exam requires a different winning agenda, though. You should try and adopt a fresh outlook, rejuvenate, just aim at your goal and its a win win


Well, you may not be aware of the importance of right diet prior to the exam, but it really does matter a lot. During the last week of the exam, aspirants often resort to junk food, but if you really want to maintain your confidence you should maintain the right kind of diet. Research shows that eating smaller meals more frequently is vital to maintaining high energy levels rather than being full once.

Junk food and foods with high sugar and fat make people sluggish, thus effecting overall capacity to perform during exam.


Enough of practicing and revisions now; keep all the study material in the racks and just chill out. Do things that interest you the most. For some people watching a movie acts as a stress buster, while for others playing their favorite game is the utmost feeling of joy. Go out for a movie with friends or family. Remember trying to solve the problems that confuse you will only lower your self confidence. So just refrain from it.


Dont try to learn a new trick in the last week, as this might confuse you. Do not burden yourself by giving too many tests or over planning your schedule.


In this last week, stay away from CAT to stay close to your dream.


All the best!!!