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English Grammar | Lessons in Adjective

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English Grammar: Lessons in Adjective


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4. Adjectives of Quantity: These adjectives denote (show) the quantity of a thing. Some adjectives many be used as of quantity or number, according to their use. For example: -

S.No. Adjectives of Quantity Adjectives of Number
1. The cat drank all the milk. The boy sold all his books.
2. I have no difficulty. I have no pens.
3. The man did not eat any bread. Are there any mango trees in the garden?
4. There is enough sugar in the milk. I have not enough plates in my kitchen at present.
5. My grandfather lost all his wealth. All the books in the bookshelf have gone out-dated.

Pay Attention - We have already studied Demonstrative Adjectives, Interrogative Adjectives, Distributive Adjectives along with the pronoun. Study the following in this context: -

1. These grapes are very sweet.
2. Those mangoes in the basket are not worth eating.
3. What kind of man are you?
4. Whose car has been stolen from the park?
5. Which animal has tusks?

5. Emphasizing Adjectives: The adjectives which are used to emphasize the statement are called emphasing adjectives. For example: -

1. I saw all this with my own eyes.
2. This is the very man who was disturbing the meeting.
3. This is the very toy my grandson wants to buy.
4. Mind your own business.
5. I am my own master.

6. Exclamatory Adjectives: The word 'what' is sometimes used as an exclamatory adjective. For example: -

1. What a boy you are!
2. What folly!
3. What a lucky girl she is!
4. What an idea!
5. What a game!


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