Hand of God!

  &   | February 06,2013 06:14 pm IST


    A magical feeling it is,
   As I clasp your warm hands
   It's a touch that offers solace,
   A touch of grace that has always put my wandering conscience in place.
                     This is the time I truly believe in the Almighty Lord
                     For I am holding the Hand of God!

                     The believers say the Almighty is the Supreme Father,
                     A belief I would discard rather
   As thou are the carrier of Life
   O Divine Mother!
   Even before I was born, you dreamt of me
   A cherished dream that occurred night and day
                     For which you waited patiently,
                     To be realized someday!
                     I remember my nine months of unalloyed peace in an embellished cocoon undisturbed,
                     While you laboured in turmoil and yet remained remarkably unperturbed
   It takes a mother to trade pleasure for pain,
   For that pain engenders a delightful gain!
   I remember how I stumbled time and again
   As you taught me to walk,
                    Chiding me every time I refused to get up,
                    And lovingly coaxing me saying that walking was as easy as holding a chalk!
                    You taught me the importance of respecting myself
                    Something that you did with aplomb yourself
   Your heart has always been precious
   Impregnated with the seed of copious kindness.
   I shall remain indebted to you for the sound values inculcated in me
   A glorious legacy, which has always been passed down the family tree
                     You knew I would never go astray,
                     For this cherished tome always showed me the right way!
                    Although things in my possession are a measly few,
                     I owe everything to you
   For without you
   This wonderful life wouldn't have been due!
   As I inhale my last layers of oxygen,
   Allow me to pay obeisance to you from my death seat
                    And offer the fragrant flowers from the Xanadu garden
                    At your holy lotus feet!
                    As I hold your uneasy hands for one last time
                    With the knowledge that my life will no longer be mine
   I can see the trauma that you feel,
   And shall only helplessly hope that Time would help you heal!
   I realise that my eyes are beginning to betray me,
   But that doesn't deter me from departing with glee
                     For my head is perched on the soothing cushion offered by your lap
                    And it won't be long before I take a painless, perpetual nap!
                    I can feel droplets of water kissing my parched skin
                   But mother, Thou shall not cry!
   You shall never walk alone,
   For my memories will always permeate your senses even if the body is gone!
   Home is where the heart is
   And heart is where you live
                 You are, and will be special, like no other
                 For you are my Dear Mother!