The Battle’s On!

  &   | February 02,2013 11:43 am IST

What? Again?
Oh, no! But why?
Couldn’t we avert it?
What says the newspapers?
And the TV reporters?
My God! Again, there will be disaster.
Again, there will be bloodshed.
Again, many will loose their lives.
Again, many will have only tears to shed.
On, come on! It's not that battle.
It’s the battle that gives us a thrill.
It’s the battle that confuses us a little.
It's not the battle that’s fought
to capture alien territories.
But its on to capture
consumer’s perceptual territory.
It’s the clash of the best brains.
It’s the clash of advertising titans.
It’s the battle for market share.
It’s all about who’s bigger.
Sometimes the battle looks quite silly.
When one’s ad is another’s blurred photo-copy.
But who are the participants in the battle?
For God’s sake, don’t compound the puzzle.
Okay, okay, I understand.
You have grown impatient, I understand.
Well, it’s the battle between
two multinational giants.
They are the world’s
best known Cola giants.
One is Pepsi and the other Coke.
My dear, you know
how their battle broke.
It was on, its on, and
it will go on.
The battle will go on and on.
Can this battle end?
Oh yes, but who’s going to bend?
Can a merger take place?
Oh, come on! Are you in the virtual space?
Let the battle go on.
As it isn’t bloody but,
there’s pride at stake.
Let the battle go on.
Just see how the giants
share the cake.
Let newer slogans come by.
Why worry? Just enjoy guy.