'Finance for Non-finance Executives' MDP at XLRI Jamshedpur

Start Date:2012-06-25
End Date:2012-06-29
Event Type:Finance Seminar

Executives at all levels and form any functional area other than finance will greatly benefit from this programme. However, it may be noted that, professionally qualified accountants should not attend this programme.

Event Details:

Director(s): Prof Ram Kumar Kakani & Prof Santosh Kumar Sangem

Venue: New Delhi
Fee : Non-Res.: Rs40000*


Introduction and Objectives
Senior executives in any organisation are expected to correlate their actions and decisions with the ultimate objective of contributing to the shareholders wealth. In other words, the outcome of their efforts should be construed as a value creator rather than a value destroyer in the future. Hence, it is obvious that the entire process of management decision making can never be isolated from this primary goal. Haven't there been occasions in your career when, you wanted to interact better with your colleagues in the finance department? Haven't there been instances when, you felt that you needed to understand their line of thinking? Don't you think that, you must become more comfortable and equipped to understand the financials in their correct perspective? Yes-you must have surely felt the need to understand financial and the bottom line implications of your decisions, not to mention the decisions taken by the top management of your organisation. This programme is specially designed to provide assorted inputs in the area of accounting, costing and financial management coupled with the underlying concepts and methodology ensuring a reasonable understanding of the crucial parameters in the financial decision making process. These inputs will provide a basis for creative executives to channelise their thinking in appropriate directions, besides, enhancing knowledge. The skills so acquired may be effectively utilized in their day to day work promoting the quality of business decisions.


Programme Contents

  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Analyzing Financial Statements
  • Cash Flow and Fund Flow Analysis
  • Costing for Management Decision Making
  • The Fundamentals of Financial Management
  • Corporate Capital Expenditure Decision
  • Working Capital Management
  • Valuation of Firms
  • Economic Value Added


Contact Information:

MDP Office
Circuit House Area (East)
Jamshedpur 831 035
Phone : +91-657 - 398 / 665 3329 / 3330
Mobile : +91-9835115262
Fax : +91-657-2227814
Email : mdp@xlri.ac.in/mdpoffice@xlri.ac.in
Website : http://www.xlri.ac.in/mdp




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