Agile Project Management Seminar at IIM Kozhikode

Start Date:2012-07-09
End Date:2012-07-11
Event Type:Operations Seminar

The program is designed for project Managers and heads of Training and Development Divisions of IT and other high Tech project management organisations

Event Details:

Programme Fee
Non Residential - 28500 + Service Tax 12.36%


Programme Director

Prof. Saji Gopinath

The classical models of project management have demonstrated limited success especially in dynamic contexts exist in emerging domains like IT and high technology ventures. The inability of customer to forsee and articulate the requirements accurately often results in scope creep and time& cost overruns. This necessitate the need for a complete rethink in the way we execute our projects and have to question the underlying assumptions of the conventional project management techniques. Agile Project Management is a new model of project development which is ideally suited for designing and executing projects in highly dynamic environments that demand constant customer interaction and flexibility. Through a structured iterative approach that provide flexibility and agility, the Agile project Management methodology seeks to address age-old problems that plague projects to create an effective learning environment for executing high performing projects. Through this leaner and more structured approach to project management, organizations can respond far more quickly to change, thereby providing a clear roadmap for implementing high-priority initiatives.


Learning Outcomes

The program will help executives to :

  • Understand the nuances of agile project management for design and implementing high tech projects
  • Understand the various agile models that could be adopted for managing software projects
  • Help organization to migrate their project teams effectively to Agile Project Envirnments

Program Theme and Coverage

  • Principles of Agile Project Management and the Agile Manifesto
  • Principles of Scrum, eXtreme Programming and Lean software development
  • Managing Requirements and User Stories
  • Timeboxing and Prioritisation
  • Agile Project, Release, and Iteration Planning
  • Stakeholder management
  • Agile Business Analysis
  • Quality and Agile Testing
  • Organsaitional aspects of Agile Project Management
  • Transition to Agile Environment for conventional project organisations


Contact inforamtion:

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode,
IIMK Campus P. O.,
Kozhikode 673 570, Kerala , India
Phone: +91-495-2809208, Mobile: 9447100539
Fax : +91-495-2809370, 2803010 and 2803011



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