Business Intelligence seminar at IIM Ahmedabad

Start Date:2012-03-19
End Date:2012-03-22
Event Type:IT Seminar

The programme is intended for middle and senior level managers to make them understand the basic concepts of Business Intelligence, current developments and how Business Intelligence can play a key role for making better decisions faster. The participants may be from any business sector, manufacturing, services or government, as the programme will take examples from a gamut of different industries. The programme will also be of interest to managers from IT services industry as it will help them understand need of providing value-added BI services to their clients by understanding their strategic needs.

Event Details:

FEE : RS.70000

Programme Director: Prof. Dass Rajanish 



As knowledge is becoming more and more synonymous to wealth creation and as a strategy plan for competing in the market, place can be no better than the information on which it is based, the importance of knowledge and information in today's business can never be seen as an exogenous factor to the business. Organizations and individuals having access to the right information at the right moment, have greater chances of being successful in the epoch of globalization and cut-throat competition.


Currently, huge electronic data repositories are being maintained by businesses across the globe. Valuable bits of information are embedded in these data repositories. The huge size of these data sources make it impossible for a human analyst to come up with interesting information that will help in the decision making process. Commercial enterprises have been quick to recognize the value of this concept, as a consequence of which the software market itself for data mining is expected to be in excess of 10 billion USD.


Business Intelligence focuses on discovering knowledge from various electronic data repositories, both internal and external, to support better decision making. Data mining techniques become important for this knowledge discovery from databases. In recent years, business intelligence systems have played pivotal roles in helping organizations to fine tune business goals such as improving customer retention, market penetration, profitability and efficiency. In most cases, these insights are driven by analyses of historical data.


This course will equip the participants with the concepts and techniques of Business Intelligence and how to use these techniques to fine tune business goals and enhance decision making with informed choices. The course will also update the participants about how these techniques are being extensively used in real-life for better decision making.


The programme will put Business Intelligence as a Strategic Information System and will target at making participants apt and intrepid about answering basic questions like where to use Business Intelligence, how to use Business Intelligence and more than that why to use Business Intelligence. What is the $-value of investing in Business Intelligence and how to go about it.

Contents :
The following topics will be covered (but will not be limited to) in the programme:
Business Intelligence
Applications of Business Intelligence Techniques
Critical Success Factors for Business Intelligence
Linking up Business Intelligence to Business Performance
Taking people along
Capability Building Exercise for Successfully Implementing Business Intelligence


Contact Information:

Manager, MDP
Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad 380 015

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