Fashion and Consumer Mindset seminar at IIM Bangalore

Start Date:2012-04-27
End Date:2012-04-28
Event Type:Marketing seminar

Brand managers, marketing managers and advertising executives who deal with the domains of jewelry, watches, apparel, sports cars, art forms and premium fast moving consumer goods like lotions and skin care and who have not had any prior exposure to behavioral aspects associated with consumer psychology. The participants need to be interested in the knowledge perspective rather than the solution perspective associated with any of their problems. This is an open program (normally attended by executives from various product categories) that aims to provide the basic overview associated with knowledge domain rather than attempting to provide solutions to problems faced by participants.

Event Details:

Program Director: S Ramesh Kumar


Fee: Programme Charges*
Residential: Rs. 42,000/-
Non-residential: Rs. 41,000/


Early Bird cut o? date: April 06, 2012
Residential: Rs. 39,000/-
Non-residential: Rs. 38,950/-


The glamour of the fashion world is best explained by the behavioral concepts that underlie the psyche of consumers who are a part of it. The Indian emerging market is experiencing a radical shift in terms of consumption of fashion products. The luxury market is growing at a rapid pace and several world class brands have entered the Indian context. The term fashion, has undergone a radical change in the recent decade. High end fashion offerings were premium priced offerings that had some aura of status in a generic manner have today evolved into symbols of expression that are a part of consumers lifestyle. There is a need for managers of fashion products to know the behavioral motivations that are associated with consumers who adopt these offerings. The broad objective of the programme is to provide an insight on some behavioral concepts that are linked to fashion markets. The sessions would delve on the core aspects of consumer behavior that explain several facets of consumers.  


What would be covered in the programme?

Basics of segmentation of consumers, positioning aspects and analysis of lifestyles and self concepts/ values

Fashion and cultural values (how culture is important in a specific social context)

Case studies and examples from the Indian context


What would be the key take away from the programme?

A conceptual perspective on the fashion world that would help managers to conceptualize the reality associated with consumer behavior


Note-As the course would involve some work on the part of the participants and given the rigor of the course, participation is restricted to only twenty participants.

Contact Information: 

The Administrative O?cer (EEP)
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore - 560 076
Phone: +91 - 80 - 2699 3264 / 3475 / 3742
Fax: +91 - 80 - 2658 4004 / 4050


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