IIM A conducts seminar on 'Customer Based Business Strategy'

Start Date:2012-05-24
End Date:2012-05-26
Event Type:Marketing seminar

Senior executives involved in development of business strategy like heads of business units, functions, strategic planning, and CEOs of single business organizations.
Participation of more than one executive from an organization would help in improved internalization and application of the learnings.

Event Details:

FEE : RS.75000 (US$2350)
Programme director: Jain A K


The programme provides:

  • Conceptual frameworks for development of a customer-based business strategy
  • Case discussions to make the concepts clearer
  • Interactive sessions with business leaders of companies having positive and negative experiences on the subject
  • A platform for sharing of application of the concepts and the frameworks to participants' own business strategy
  • The endeavour of this programme is to provide a well-balanced mix of concepts and practical experience with participants carefully drawn from different sectors providing scope for the all-important cross-sector learning. It has been structured to facilitate learning in an informal though well-structured environment with adequate time and space to reflect on various issues away from the pressures of every day work. In other words, the programmes objectives are to:
  • Understand processes for development of customer-centric and market-focused business strategies
  • Shift the focus of strategy development process from inside-out to outside-in



  • Role of consumer/ customer insight and market understanding in business strategy development
  • Frameworks and tools for developing customer and market insights relevant to business strategy
  • Processes and frameworks to leverage the insights for developing business strategy
  • Discuss the applicability of the above in diverse business contexts


Contact information:

Manager, MDP
Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad 380 015
Ph: 91-79-6632 4071-7 / 6544 9057
Fax: (MDP) 91-79-2630 0352 / (General) 2630 6896
E-mail: mdp@iimahd.ernet.in


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