IIM Ahmedabad host MDP on Creativity and Innovation

Start Date:2012-03-27
End Date:2012-03-30
Event Type:Human Resources

 This programme is designed for middle and senior managers across functional areas and industrial sectors. It will accommodate a maximum of 24 participants.

Event Details:

Fee: RS.70000

Programme Director: Prof. D'Cruz Premilla


'Creativity and Innovation as Core Competence: Developing Personal and Organizational Capability'


That creativity and innovation are key to organizational competitive advantage has never been clearer than in the current world economy. Businesses must be constantly changing and innovating, reinventing themselves at internet speed to stay ahead of technological change, new competitors around the globe, and the continually shifting demands of customers and potential employees (DeGraff & Lawrence, 2002). As Khandwalla (2003) points out, creativity is relevant to all aspects of organizational life including human resource management (HRM) practices, growth strategies, marketing, operations, and products, processes and services, taking the form of both technical and administrative innovations (Damanpour & Evan, 1984; Hailey, 2001). Creativity and innovation emerge as the core of all competencies within an organization operating as the driving forces behind anything that is better or new and ensuring that organizations respond proactively to diverse pressures in order to maintain their competitive positions (DeGraff & Lawrence, 2002). Indeed, business leaders and managers are required to be adept at addressing challenges presented by a dynamic extra-organizational context, promote creativogenic organizational environments and nurture intra-organizational talent, effectively straddling the discursive and iterative stages from ideation to implementation. Recognizing this, this programme will help participants develop creative and innovative abilities as personal and organizational core competences.


Specifically, participants will
understand the complexities of creativity and innovation and their relevance for business
strengthen their personal capacity for creativity and innovation
develop and sustain workplaces that value and encourage creativity and innovation

Theme 1: Being a creative and innovative person
Theme 2: Positioning creativity and innovation in the world of work
Theme 3: Designing organizations for creativity and innovation
Theme 4: Leading and mentoring a creative and innovative workforce


Contact Information:
Manager, MDP
Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad 380 015
E-mail: mdp@iimahd.ernet.in


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