IIM Ahmedabad to host a session on Quantitative Data Analytics & Its Applications in Business

Start Date:2012-04-10
End Date:2012-04-12
Event Type:IT Seminar
  • Decision makers who are extensive users of business information/research and /or would like to develop processes within their organization that provide relevant marketing and financial analysis / research for decision-making are encouraged to participate. All senior level research and analytics managers who are entrusted in the organization with the responsibility of ensuring quality business information management and analysis for the purpose of actively supporting business decision-making will benefit. Some prior exposure to mining and/or analysis of business data will be useful (albeit not absolutely necessary) towards appreciating the inputs from the programme. Some basic working knowledge of statistics is desirable.
  • While the list is certainly not comprehensive, for the sake of illustration, organizations in the FMCG, consumer durables, consumer financial services, insurance, banking, retailing, etc. will find this programme very relevant.
Event Details:


Bandyopadhyay Tathagata
Banerjee Arindam


The objective of the programme is to provide a framework for participants to process and manage information that can be productively used for decision making purposes in (though not exclusively to) marketing and finance.

The first phase of the programme will focus on providing an overview of the generic statistical concepts. The second phase will be devoted to building some appreciation for analytical tools that can be used for processing business information arising out of marketing, finance, banking, and insurance applications. The last phase of the programme will be devoted to sharing some best management practices and initiating general guidelines and rules for building effective analytical processes in organizations.

The emphasis of the programme will be more on development of data analytics / research appreciation among practitioners. While knowledge of specific statistical tools will be disseminated as a part of the overall objective of the programme, it will not attempt to be at a specialist level.

The major topics to be covered (tentatively) in this programme are:

  • An overview of basic statistical tools used for processing business information
  • Summarization of Data using Tables, Graphs, and Charts
  • Descriptive Measures, Standard Probability Distributions
  • Confidence Intervals, Testing of Statistical Hypotheses, Multiple Regression Analysis
  • Standard Data Analytic Tools
  • Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis
  • Applications of Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis
  • Discriminant Analysis and its Applications
  • Multinomial Logit, Probit and Censored Data Analysis and their Applications
  • Some Applications
  • LISREL and its Applications
  • Segmentation using CART
  • Practices from Industry Cases      


Contact Information:

Manager, MDP
Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad 380 015
Ph: 91-79-6632 4071-7 / 6544 9057
Fax: (MDP) 91-79-2630 0352 / (General) 2630 6896
E-mail: mdp@iimahd.ernet.in



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