IIM Bangalore hosts seminar on Global Securities Markets

Start Date:2012-06-04
End Date:2012-06-08
Event Type:Finance Seminars

 The target group, though not exclusively restricted to, is:
People working in the BFSI domain of IT companies.
People employed with Mutual Funds.
Employees of Brokerage Houses
Banking and Investment Banking professionals

Event Details:

Programme Director(s): Prof Sankarshan Basu & Prof Sunil Parameswaran

Programme Charges*: Residential: Rs. 75,000/- ,   Non-residential: Rs. 72,500/-
Early Bird cuto? date: 23 April, 2012
Residential: Rs. 71,250/-
Non-residential: Rs. 68,875/- 


The Securities Market is probably the most important pillar of an economy and the dynamic nature of the markets makes it very interesting to track and study it. Also, with an increasing level of integration of markets around the globe, understanding the dynamics of securities markets in not just one geography but in potentially all geographies become important. The idea of this programme is to expose the participants to different aspects of the markets and products that are traded in the markets as well as expose them to market functioning and inter linkages that exist.


The programme commences with a broad overview of Financial Markets, Institutions, and Instruments in order to ensure that participants are brought to the same knowledge plane to facilitate easier absorption of subsequent concepts and issues.
This programme covers the entire gamut of securities products and the structural aspects of the markets in which, such securities are traded. The coverage of the products includes:
- Equity shares, Preference shares, and Stock Market indices
- Fixed Income Securities
- Mortgage Backed Securities
- Foreign Exchange
- Futures, Options & Swaps
- Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, and Exchange Traded Funds
- Money Market Products

The programme shall also cover the structure of modern securities markets, the details of the trading mechanism in such markets as well as the mechanics of information flow in the financial markets we plan to make use of the Finance Lab at IIMB for these sessions for the participants to have handson feel to the actual market scenario. Finally, there will also be a comprehensive coverage of the Brokerage Industry and the back-office systems and processes of the securities trading industry.


The exposition will start from first principles and the programme does not require the participants to come in with more than a rudimentary knowledge of financial products and markets.


Conatct Information:

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