IIM Calcutta to host MDP on Customer Relationship Management

Start Date:2012-03-05
End Date:2012-03-10
Event Type:Operations Seminar

The programme is designed for Marketing Managers and Information System Managers interested in understanding the relationship between customer, CRM, and Information Systems. Marketing Managers who wish to understand the concept of CRM and wish to implement it in their respective organizations or IT Managers who are evaluating various CRM products would benefit from the programme.

Event Details:

Fee : RS.80000 


Program Director: Verma Sanjay



  • Understand the concept of CRM and benefits from it
  • Understand how to use data for gaining strategic advantage
  • Understand the linkages between financial profitability and CRM efforts
  • Understand CRM software and hardware and challenges in CRM implementation projects
  • Identify the appropriate CRM strategy
  • Design strategy for enhancing revenue management


  • CRM as a strategy
  • Using customer data for designing offers
  • Implementation of CRM
  • Managing customers for life
  • Evaluating customer profitability and developing strategic cost advantage
  • Determining ROI of CRM initiative
  • Selecting the right CRM strategy
  • Business Intelligence


Contact information:

Manager, MDP
Indian Institute of Management
Ahmedabad 380 015
E-mail: mdp@iimahd.ernet.in

Website: www.iimahd.ernet.in/mdp