IIM Indore conducts seminar on Business Data Analytics

Start Date:2012-01-30
End Date:2012-02-03
Event Type:IT seminar

 Business decision makers, customer service & customer intelligence managers, CRM managers and consultants, business analysts, business intelligence/ data mining professionals working in industries such as banking, credit card businesses, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, hotels, airline, IT enabled services, retailing, BPOs, and other industries that feel the need to derive value from data.

Event Details:

Programme Director : Prof. Prabin Panigrahi
Fee : Rs. 50,000 (Residential)


Objectives :

  • The program has the following objectives:
  • To develop an understanding of how business data analytics can be used for gaining customer insights.
  • To understand popular data analytics tools and techniques such as OLAP, conjoint analysis, predictive techniques, and explorative techniques
  • To get hands-on exposure on leading data analytics/statistical software such as SPSS, Clementine, and Polyanalyst.

Content :

  • Introduction to analytical techniques.
  • Hands on training on data analysis software in lab sessions.
  • How to use various analytic techniques for decision support in Marketing and Finance.
  • Introduction to data analysis software and lab sessions for SPSS, Polyanalyst, Neural Networks, Clementine, Decision Tree and other tools.
  • Application of several of the following depending on the interest and profile of participants: Data Mining methods, tools and techniques such as regression, decision trees, financial forecasting, neutral networks, fraud detection techniques, outlier techniques, churn modeling, developing scoring models, clustering, market basket analysis /association rules, and text mining to different industry sectors.


Contact Information:
Management Development Programmes (MDP) Office
Indian Institute of Management Indore
Prabandh Shikhar, Rau-Pithampur Road
Indore 453 331, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA