IIM K hosts seminar 'Publishing 2.0 - Business Strategies for the 21 st Century'

Start Date:2012-05-21
End Date:2012-05-23
Event Type:IT seminar

The program would be of interest to publishers and the publishing Industry; information vendors and suppliers; content buyers and content sellers; researchers, managers, developers, and users; and information science/technology professionals.

Event Details:

Fee: Residential: Rs. 35,000 + Service Tax 12.36%

Non-Residential: Rs. 30,000 + Service Tax 12.36%

International Participants : USD 1000

Last Date: May 1, 2012.

Programme director: Dr. M.G. Sreekumar


The current mainstream publishing process, scholarly as well as trade, has been significantly influenced by the endless possibilities offered by computers, Internet, World Wide Web and its suite of technologies. ePublishing offers a way to bring a new equilibrium to the scholarly publication ecosystem. Electronic-first as opposed to the traditional paper-first systems has been emerging aggressively, and of course technology offers the way forward. SGML, RDF, XHTML, XML, XSLT, Metadata standards all go together to revolutionise the movement. Recent developments such as the OpenURL Framework, CrossRef, DOI, ePub mostly remarkable efforts from publishers and the scholarly world, offer a variety of opportunities for ePublishing. The Internet has also revolutionized businesses across the globe by streamlining their supply chains, thereby achieving instant (value added) information access and substantial cost reduction. Yet the situation is complex as a result of the proliferation of formats, media, and channels of distribution, changes in copyright laws and intellectual property practices, and changes in the economics of publishing. To cope with the complexity, game-changing devices such as Tablets, Slates, iPads and eReaders are flooding the market and it is time to look at how these gadgets are changing the book industry, for better or worse. The main objective of todays business is to develop a working strategy for developing 'agile' systems that are quick and flexible, to respond to the changing needs of the end user.


This programme is designed to:

  • Provide a vivid and candid perspective of the already perfected, and fast upcoming revolution in the Entertainment / Trade / Academic / Scholarly publishing industry;
  • Identify the key strengths and opportunities in the new technology environment that shall help achieve organizational transformation, and in strengthening the publishing enterprises productivity, efficiency and the future;
  • Impart the knowledge and skills (conceptual as well as technical components) required for strategy formulation for leveraging information technology for the publishing community and the information intermediaries, so as to equip them to face the challenges proactively and to position themselves at the cutting edge of technology, profession and business;
  • Portray the potential of Web Technologies and the Internet Information Infrastructure for scholarly communication and scholarly publishing.

Programme content

  • Changed Business Process Engineering and the upcoming publishing models;
  • Re-engineering and re-positioning in the Publishing Industry;
  • Business strategy for ePublishing & eMarketing;
  • Disintermediation trends and the Diminishing supply chains of information;
  • ePublishing in the trade, scholarly communication, eCommerce, digital libraries and distance learning;
  • Information objects in the digital landscape;
  • New services for the Web, The Semantic Web, Multimedia and Multimodal Web;
  • Perfected as well as the upcoming Architectures, Standards, Protocols, Resources and Formats;
  • Old Actors - New Roles: Scholars, Publishers, Information Professionals, Journalists and Teachers;
  • New scholarly publishing paradigm - Open Access Publishing and Open Access Archiving Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) and other major initiatives;
  • Open Access Archives: Institutional Repositories, Author Archives and the Open Archives Initiative;
  • Metadata - its importance and interoperability;
  • Accessibility, Copyright and Digital Rights Management;
  • Security, and reliability/quality assurance on the information sources;
  • Change Management Imperatives and Organizational Transformation Strategies.


Contact Information:

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode,
IIMK Campus P. O.,
Kozhikode 673 570, Kerala , India
Phone: +91-495-2809208, Mobile: 9447100539
Fax : +91-495-2809370, 2803010 and 2803011
Email: mdp@iimk.ac.in






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