IIM Kozhikode hosts seminar on Operational Excellence through Lean Six Sigma

Start Date:2012-06-26
End Date:2012-06-29
Event Type:Opertaions

Managers / Executives responsible for production, quality, maintenance, procurement, research and development, marketing, service etc.

Event Details:

Programme Fee:

Residential - Rs.37500 + Service Tax 12.36%

Non Residential - Rs.30000 + Service Tax 12.36%


Last Date

06 June 2012 


Programme Director:

Prof. G. Thangamani


Lean Six Sigma is a business management strategy that enjoys wide-spread applications in many sectors of industry. These concepts have helped companies to remain competitive, innovative and profitable. Lean implementation reduces non-value adding activities and wastes from processes leading to cost and cycle-time reduction, customer satisfaction. Six Sigma drives customer satisfaction thro standardized high quality by reducing variations and decreasing defects.


This programme will provide an introduction to the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma to executives or organizations interested waste reduction, quality and process improvement. Modules will be helpful to implement an integrated Lean Six Sigma approach focused on realizing return on investment and bottom line impact. The principles of Lean and Six Sigma will be discussed through an integrated approach. Manufacturing and non-manufacturing firms who are just getting started or contemplating a Lean Six Sigma initiative will find this programme valuable. To aid in illustrating the application of these principles to diverse and global businesses, various case studies have been selected and included. Lean Six Sigma can be used as a framework to foster improved performance and ensure continued customer satisfaction and loyalty.



  • Introduce participants the concepts of 'Lean' and 'Six Sigma' and the need for an integrated approach
  • Introduce participants to the Lean Six sigma methodologies
  • Provide information on how to select and conduct Lean Six sigma projects
  • Introduce participants with the tools and techniques of Lean Six sigma.
  • Demonstration and applications of tools through case studies
  • Develop a plan for starting a Lean Six sigma journey in your organization.


  • Six sigma and Lean Philosophies and Principles
  • Integrating Lean and Six sigma
  • Project selection for Lean Six sigma
  • Lean Six sigma methodologies
  • Tools and Techniques of Lean Six sigma
  • Demonstrating methodology thro case studies
  • Ensuring success of a Lean Six sigma initiative


Contact Information

Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode,
IIMK Campus P. O.,
Kozhikode 673 570, Kerala , India
Phone: +91-495-2809208, Mobile: 9447100539
Fax : +91-495-2809370, 2803010 and 2803011
Email: mdp@iimk.ac.in


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