IIM Lucknow announces a Comprehensive Programme in Marketing

Start Date:2012-04-03
End Date:2012-04-14
Event Type:Marketing seminar
  • Middle and Senior level professionals in Consulting, Sales, and Product Management
  • Middle Managers from other functional areas in Product and Service Marketing organisations
  • Proprietors of family owned businesses and Entrepreneurs aiming for condensed marketing insights
  • Senior Sales professional graduating into Marketing will find this programme immensely helpful
  • This programme can be an unlearning/learning experience for executives who have attained formal marketing education years back.
Event Details:

Programme Director: Prof. Devashish Das Gupta



The programme fee is Rs. 80,000/- per participant (residential). The fee includes the cost of tuition,
course material and board and lodging.



Marketing of products and services of late has become more of a science than art. This is due to the
manifold increase of brands and the growing number of modes of communication. This has lead to a
dire necessity of a training programme which provides in-depth hands on knowledge as well as
efficacy in handling marketing. For such organisations this comprehensive programme has been
specially designed. This 80+hours programme endeavours to provide comprehensive training on
complete marketing process as well as market planning with an application oriented approach.



  • This programme has been designed to enhance ability of the participants to :
  • Broaden thought process towards Marketing as a Mindset
  • Understand how to study Market Environment and how to benefit from it
  • Existing Markets and new Market Strategy approaches
  • Effectively Segment the Market and select optimally attractive Markets
  • Effectively handle Product and Service Portfolios
  • Develop a robust approach to understand the Customer and maintain Profitable association
  • Technical handling of Sales as well as motivating the Sales Force
  • Understand Information needs and use Marketing Research judiciously
  • Effectively apply Marketing Strategies in Business to Business Markets
  • Develop a long term Brand Image by sincere Stakeholder Communication Management.


This 11 days programme aims to transform your efficacy by focussing on the latest concepts,
techniques and approaches to :

  • Market Planning Process
  • Market Environment Analysis and its Implications
  • Information need and Market Research
  • Product Marketing Vs Services Marketing
  • Contemporary Customer Management
  • Differentiation in the backdrop of shrinking Product Life Cycle
  • Managing Sales and the Sales Force
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Business to Business Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Communication and Promotion
  • Creating and Sustaining a Positive Brand Image


Contact Information:
Programme Manager
Indian Institute of Management
Prabandh Nagar, Off Sitapur Road
Lucknow-226 013
E-mail : mdpoffice@iiml.ac.in; or mdp@iiml.ac.in
Webpage : www.iiml.ac.in/executive_education.html



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