IIM Lucknow conducts seminar on Strategic School Leadership

Start Date:2012-05-21
End Date:2012-05-25
Event Type:Strategy Seminar

 Directors of Schools, Trustees of Schools, Principals, Teachers, Education Policy Makers

Event Details:

Programme Director:: Prof. Sushil Kumar
Fee: 40,000 per participant (residential)


The education environment in India is going through an unprecedented transition, today.
Technological developments and large scale socio-economic changes in the society are impacting the
teaching-learning processes and the teacher-taught relationship in the schools. These fast developments have resulted in an era which is full of contradictions and complexities. Today's
students need learning which can help them making judicious decision in light of these
contradictions and complexities. The old methods of imparting education need to undergo suitable
modifications to meet the emerging challenges. In such a scenario, the school leadership also needs
to be redefined to provide new vision. Program will help participants to change their perspective.
They will be in a much better position to understand themselves and the world around them, thus
enhancing their effectiveness.


  • To understand and appreciate the changing school education environment
  • To understand the process of creating excellent learning institution
  • To create understanding of changed leadership role and what it takes to become a great
  • leader
  • To provide tools and techniques that can be used by the participants to enhance their
  • leadership capability



  • Leadership traits and what great leaders do
  • Understanding and enhancing emotional quotient
  • Role of creativity and innovations in school leadership
  • Leadership in response to difficult situations/people
  • Values and ethics in leadership effectiveness
  • Changing school education paradigm and emerging leadership challenges
  • Teaching-learning processes and need for leadership adjustments


Contact information:

Programme Manager
Indian Institute of Management
Prabandh Nagar, Off Sitapur Road, Lucknow 226 013
Phone : (0522) 2734101-23
Direct : (0522) 2736282, 2736284 or 2736285
Fax : (0522) 2734026 (MDP)/2734025 (GENERAL)
E-mail : mdpoffice@iiml.ac.in; or mdp@iiml.ac.in;
Webpage : www.iiml.ac.in/executive_education.html



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