IIM Rohtak to host MDP on Fundamentals of Strategy

Start Date:2012-09-27
End Date:2012-09-29
Event Type:General management

This program is meant for managers involved in taking critical strategic decisions at division/ branch/ head office level. Factory heads, brand managers, branch managers, managers in charge of corporate planning at headquarters & so on.

Event Details:

Programme director: Dr. S. Dasgupta



Michael Porter stands like a colossus in the field of strategy. Many a management fad has lost their relevance in today's context. However Porter's tenets have stood the test of time. Many of his sayings like: - competition is all about profits not market share or if you really have a competitive advantage it will show in your P&L or if you listen to every customer and do what they ask you to, YOU DO NOT HAVE A STRATEGY are relevant even today after more than 30 years. His wisdom is a timeless classic.

2. Ojective
This program over a period of 3 days will at length explain the essence of a good strategy and competitive advantage, as per Michael Porter through case studies. It's all about sharing Porterian wisdom!

3. Contents
Module 1 :- The Essence of a good strategy & what is not strategy
a) The ten commandments of Michael Porter on strategy
b) The five tests of a sound strategy
c) Case examples

Module 2 :- Competition what it is and what it is not
a) The industry structure analysis
b) How to build a unique and hard to imitate competitive advantage
c) Case examples

Module 3 :- Case exercises
This module will focus on applying the conceptual learning of first two modules through case exercises.



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