IIMA Society Conference: Leadership and Governance

Start Date:2012-08-17
End Date:2012-08-18
Event Type:Society Conference

Conference is being organized to share with the IIMA Society members (including the nominees of Institutional members) and other interested participants the knowledge and experience gained by the faculty at IIMA in recent years through their teaching, research, and consulting work. It is hoped that this conference will provide valuable insights into leadership and governance issues to the participating members.

Event Details:

Complimentary for two members sponsored by any Institutional member and for Individual
members of the Society.
For others: Rs. 28,090/- (Rs.25,000/- + 12.36% service tax) per head including lodging and boarding for two days and conference material.



In recent years, leadership and governance have emerged as two critical factors in managing
organizations effectively and preparing them for sustainable future. In the last two decades, there
has been considerable research in India on leadership and governance issues. The faculty at IIMA
who have specialized in these areas have developed their own approaches and understanding of
leadership theories and effective governance issues including value-based leadership, strategic
leadership, technology and its role in governance and so on.

Session-wise Topics
The following topics would be covered as part of the conference schedule:
Session 1
Leadership Development Strategies: Profs. Neharika Vohra and Deepti Bhatnagar will share their experiences of developing leaders in a number of organizations as well as among their own students at IIMA and suggest models of developing leadership at all levels. Their presentation will be based on their own work and a special issue of Vikalpa they have edited on the theme.

Session 2
Ethics and Values in Leadership: Prof. S. Manikutty teaches and researches on leadership lessons from literature and  has published a book on this theme. Combining his insights on ethics and values in leadership, this session will focus on Ethical Issues in Leadership.

Session 3
Leadership through Strategic Management: Prof. Atanu Ghosh will share his experiences from his recently published book titled Strategies for Growth in the IIMA Book series.


Session 4
Business Leadership and Law (BLL): Prof. Anurag Agarwal will share a few perspectives on the role of law for business leadership.

Session 5
Developing Managers Who Make a Difference: Prof. T. V. Rao will share his experiences of developing managers as leaders who make a difference based on his book.

Session 6
Persuasive Communication in Leadership Development: Prof. M.M. Monippally will discuss the role played by persuasive communication in leadership and managerial roles.

Session 7
Leadership Strategies at Board Level: Profs. Samir Barua and Jayanth Varma will discuss leadership strategies at the Board level and link them with governance issues.

Session 8
Information Technology and Ethical Governance: Prof. Subhash Bhatnagar will share his experiences and work in creating good governance and value-based governance using Information Technology


Nominations and Inquiries
Nominations and fees (where applicable) should reach the Manager - MDP latest by August 06, 2012. Please visit the official website for more details and registration
For more information, please contact:
Manager - MDP
Indian Institute of Management, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380 015
Phone: 91-79-6632 4071 / 4072-77, 91-79-6544 9057
Fax: 91-79-2630 0352 (MDP)/2630 6896 (General)
email: mdp@iimahd.ernet.in

website: www.iimahd.ernet.in/mdp


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