Learn Effective Marketing skills at XLRI Jamshedpur

Start Date:2012-06-11
End Date:2012-06-15
Event Type:Marketing Seminar

The programme is designed for Middle - Level Executives in the marketing department.

Event Details:

Director(s): Pingali Venugopal
Fee / Res. :Double: Rs 47,500*
Non-Res.: Rs 35,000*


Introduction and Objectives
In today's high competitive environment, the marketing professional has to be more effective for definite organisational success. The marketing manager must, therefore, continuously question, measure, and assess his own efforts. He has to do things right and also do the right things. Effective marketing management must take advantage of market changes and technological innovations. Recent experiences obtained from organisations as well as extensive research suggest that marketing is a function that has to be understood in a large organisational and human perspective. Designed for experienced managers who want to refine and expand their expertise, this course gives the concepts and techniques required for marketing performance. The down-to-earth treatment will offer an opportunity to re-examine your marketing strategies. This results-oriented course address both the strategic and operative marketing issues. It will build on the knowledge and experience you already have and develop skills to understand customers and the marketing environment better


Programme Contents

  • Recognizing present and future marketing opportunities
  • Competitor and consumer analysis
  • Strategic fit of products and markets
  • How to successfully develop and implement marketing plans
  • Designing systems to collect relevant market information, marketing intelligence and conduct market research
  • Developing marketing policies for effective operations


Contact Information:

MDP Office
Circuit House Area (East)
Jamshedpur 831 035
Phone : +91-657 - 398 / 665 3329 / 3330
Mobile : +91-9835115262
Fax : +91-657-2227814
Email : mdp@xlri.ac.in/mdpoffice@xlri.ac.in
Website : http://www.xlri.ac.in/mdp 



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