Marketing Skills for High Performers: Executive seminar at IIM Calcutta

Start Date:2011-11-15
End Date:2011-11-18
Event Type:Marketing seminar
Location:IIM Calcutta

This programme will be of great interest to you if you are middle level marketing manager, product/ brand manager, sales manager or marketing analyst whose principal responsibilities lie in generating demand, revenues and profits from new and existing products and services. Middle managers from functional areas or a non-marketing background with a supporting role for organisation’s marketing activities would also find the programme relevant.

Event Details:

Fee: RS 50000.00 /- (Service Tax is applicable on the mentioned fees.) 

Programme Director(s): Prof. Janakiraman M & Prof. Krishanu Rakshit


In this globalised world, firms are being faced with newer challenges every day. In order to cope with these challenges, companies need to adopt new tools and emerging techniques of harnessing information for developing and fine-tuning their strategic focus. This hands-on programme emphasises the management of new and existing products for growth and profitability. It aims to provide a broad understanding of emerging marketing frameworks and contemporary approaches to growing business and wish also focus on ‘cutting-edge’ issues concerning marketing practices including brands and services related issues. The Programme faculty will focus on the synergies between in-field practice and in-class learning.

Program focus
Environment scanning for Market Positioning
• Emerging Challenges for Marketers
• Exploiting Customer and Market Information
• Point of Difference Analysis
Nurturing Customer Assets
• Identifying and analysing segments
• Customer Satisfaction, loyalty and retention
• Customer Oriented Growth Strategies
Developing Market Based Competitive Strength
• Differential (Competitive) Advantage Dynamics
• Analysing Competitive Markets
Optimisation of Marketing Mix Elements
• Enhancing Customer Orientation
• Developing Effective Marketing Plans
• Designing and managing Distribution Infrastructure

You will enhance your ability to:
• Analyse Market opportunities
• Evaluate and select target segments
• Position and Reposition Products and Services
• Exploit the Value-Satisfaction-Loyalty-Retention-Profitability Chain
• Manage the Price-Value Relationship
• Improve Marketing programme with Focussed Competitive Analysis
• Evaluate Marketing programmes and Analyse Marketing Resource Productivity