MDP on Behavioral Finance and Investment Decisions at FORE School of Management

Start Date:2012-07-09
End Date:2012-07-10
Event Type:Finance Seminar

Middle level and senior decision makers in the investment and investment advisory community; Portfolio and fund managers, insurance executives, financial advisory service providers, senior executives of companies and High net worth individuals.

Event Details:

This program presents the field of Behavioural Finance which looks at financial decision making behavior from a psychology perspective. The insights from this course would enable a better understanding of what investors actually do in the real circumstances. The program would also give insights as to how the financial market responds to the tendencies of the investors. The program would present the tools and applications of behavioral finance, which would enable a better development of asset allocation strategies for the clients and furthering the understanding of investor behaviour.

The programme has been designed to provide an opportunity to:
appreciate the limitations of rational models of investment decision making
identify the systematic behavioral factors that influence investment behavior
understand how the behavioral factors influence the financial markets and the corporate world

Behavioural finance and financial decision making, role of psychology, systematic irrationalities
The Psychology of Individual Investment decision making
Behavioural Portfolio Theory
The Psychology of Financial Markets, External environmental factors and Investor Behaviour
Bubbles and stock market puzzles
Behavioral explanations of anomalies and behavioral investing
Behavioural Corporate Finance


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