MDP on CSR Practices in Indian Companies at FORE school of management

Start Date:2012-07-16
End Date:2012-07-17
Event Type:General Management Seminar

Managers and executives from public, private and MNCs. Also other agencies like government departments, Chambers of Commerce, NGOs, and organizations associated with social sector projects are welcome to participate.

Event Details:

Non-residential: Rs15,000
Residential: Rs 29,000


Programme director: Prof. Shalini Taneja


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) measures for both public and private sector corporations in India have gathered a certain momentum due to economic reforms and globalization pressures. CSR as a strategy is being increasingly advocated for risk management and achieving competitive advantage in mega corporations. While the public sector has formalized CSR practices in the more recent times barring a few large leading industry houses the private corporate sector has yet to formalize CSR policies and practices. Further, in both the private and public sector corporations, there are vast knowledge gaps as well as expertise gaps for formulating and implementing CSR policies.

To elucidate and review the understanding of concepts and theories of CSR among executives;
To develop approaches, tools and techniques for CSR implementation;
To evaluate the stakeholder engagement practices of Indian industry;
To develop insights into appropriate disclosure and reporting systems for CSR and Sustainability.

CSR concepts, drivers and motivators
CSR agenda formulation process and content
CSR implementation process and issues
Evaluation of CSR measures
Disclosures and reporting issues
Corporate governance, CSR, and business ethics


Contact Information
MDP Office
FORE School of Management
'Adhitam Kendra'
B-18, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi 110016
Phone: (011) 2685 6301 (Direct), 4124 2424 (Extn.471 & 498)
Fax: (011) 2652 0509, 2696 4229; E-mail:,


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