MDP on Managerial Effectiveness through Self-Awareness at XLRI Jamshedpur

Start Date:2012-08-07
End Date:2012-08-10
Event Type:Strategy seminar

 Accomplished senior- and middle-level managers from private and public sector organizations

Event Details:

Director(s): Prof. Manish Singhal


Residential-Double: Rs 38,000*
Non-Res.: Rs 28,000*


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us- Oliver Wendell Holmes This programme is planned to help you enhance your managerial effectiveness through self-awareness. We need to learn more about ourselves and such knowledge rarely comes without conscious effort. Self-awareness is the first step in enhancing managerial effectiveness. It helps us realize our weaknesses and acknowledge our strengths leading to better inner control and guidance. This programme is designed as a roadway to self understanding, knowing others, and learning to deal with complex challenges that arise from the fragmented nature of managerial work. This programme aims to provide the participants an insight into the range of skills and competencies that underlie managerial effectiveness.

Programme Contents
Managerial Effectiveness: Competencies and Skills
Self-Awareness: Insights and Barriers
Effective Time Management and Goal Setting
Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Styles
Basic Leadership Styles and Behaviours
Effective Empowerment and Delegation
Coaching, Counseling, and Supportive Communication
Spiritual Foundations of Managerial Effectiveness



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