MICA FDP on Advanced Business Research And Analytics

Start Date:2012-06-08
End Date:2012-06-18
Event Type:Faculty Development Programme

Faculty and research scholars

Event Details:

The increasing complexity of managerial decision making in the Indian Corporate has resulted into the acute need for more in-depth understanding of issues at hand and to find the optimum solution to the business problem. For this, the need for structured and scientific business research has gained attention in Indian subcontinent like never before. But at the same time, the management researchers are facing new and varied problems regarding Research Methodology and its application in day-to-day business practices.


In this situation, a need is always felt in quality committed institution to train the faculty in the Research Methodology in such a manner that at the end of the day, they speak the language of Search for Knowledge. The present programme is designed in such a way so as to give exposure to the participants about research problems formulation, application of appropriate research design and skills of data generation, data processing and statistical analysis at both basic and advanced level.


Programme Objectives & Learning Outcomes
The objective of the workshop is to provide hands on experience to the participants in understanding the process of conducting basic as well as advanced management research. The participants will be able to learn in-depth use of statistical softwares that are widely used or conducting business research study. At advanced level, the participants will get exposure to various multivariate methods in research and understand advanced issues of research like understanding of econometrics, concept of heteroscedasticity, structural equation modelling etc. Though other methods like qualitative research will also be covered, however, the primary focus will be on survey research.


Programme Content

  • Introduction to Research and Problem Formulation
  • Research Process and Research Design
  • Sampling Theory
  • Hypothesis Formulation and Testing Techniques
  • Non-Parametric Tests and Parametric Test
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Use of SPSS and AMO in Data Analysis


  • Registration Fees
    Rs.10,000/- per participant (Please add 12.36% towards service tax).
    Fee includes programme registration
    Accommodation (Optional)
  • Registration
  • Please fill in the registration form and mail it along with a DD/At par cheque in favour of Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, payable at Ahmedabad latest by 1st June, 2012 to: The Senior Manager, MDP, MICA, Shela, Ahmedabad 380 058


Programme Leaders
Dr. Rasananda Panda & Dr. Rohit Trivedi

Contact Information:

Dr. Rasananda Panda (panda@micamail.in
Dr. Rohit Trivedi (rohit@micamail.in)
Mr. Narayanan K Nair (narayanan@micamail.in)
Senior Manager, Management Development Programme Office
MICA, Shela, Ahmedabad 380 058, Gujarat, India
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