MICA MDP: Achieving Store Operation Efficiencies

Start Date:2012-05-09
End Date:2012-05-11
Event Type:Operations Seminar

The programme would be beneficial to Mid and Store level Retail Operations Executives, Senior Supervisors and Operation Team.

Event Details:

Registration Fees
Rs.12,000/- per participant ( Plus 10.3% as service tax)



Program Leaders: Dr. Hemant Trivedi & Dr. Mini Mathur

Program Summary
Retail growth in India at a rapid pace and managers had no time to create operational systems. The industry being new and lack of availability of professional resources within the domain, the HR ended up sourcing these resources from different domains from various industries which do not suit the retail operations environment. Typical curricula does not provide expertise or skills in plethora of activities needed for effective store operations.


Achieving the store operations efficiency, directly affects the profitability, being the second highest cost head after rental. Therefore, the need of the hour is for instates of repute with expertise in retail domain to develop and offer specialised programmes for store operations (MICA Retail Curriculum was given Devang Mehta Award for best curriculum in Retail)



Program Objectives & Learning Outcomes
On completion of the programme participants will be able to:

  • Understand and identify issues/problems in the store operations which needs improvement
  • Develop abilities to compare and contrast various tools and techniques for running a store efficiently
  • Develop an operations plan and manage it effectively, within given resources
  • Reflect on retailing operation and its economy and the success of a store
  • To reinforce knowledge and understanding by exploring ideas, individually and in groups

Programme Content
The programme focuses on:

  • Store Operations
  • Plannogramming and Shelf Space Management
  • POS Management
  • IT in Operations
  • Safe Security an d Pilferage
  • Human Resource Management at Store
  • Merchandising and Inventory Management
  • Buying and Merchandising
  • Store Promotions and Branding
  • Operationalising CRM
  • Customer Experience Management

Contact information

Dr. Mini Mathur (mini@micamail.in)
Mr. Narayanan K Nair (narayanan@micamail.in)
Senior Manager, Management Development Programme Office
MICA, Shela, Ahmedabad 380 058, Gujarat, India
Tel: +91-2717-308250, 247946 to 51
Mob.09724447196 Fax: +91-2717-308349



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