MICA MDP: Developing Successful New Product

Start Date:2012-05-16
End Date:2012-05-17
Event Type:Marketing Seminar

This programme is primarily intended for junior and middle level manager who are planning to play a pivotal role in developing and managing new products and services. Product development being team activity, a team of managers working in functional area like marketing, manufacturing, R&D and finance will benefit by understanding the holistic process of designing and launching new product.

Event Details:

Programme Director: Dr. Rohit Trivedi

Registration Fee: Rs.12,000/- per participant (Please add 10.3% towards service tax)


In a business landscape where rapid evolution of consumer preferences with increased pace of technological change and resulting competition among key competitor is a known fact, an organisations survival and growth depends critically on its ability introduce and manage new products and services. For a product and brand manager, understanding the process for innovating new product and launching it successfully is prerequisite.


Considering this, what goes behind the decisions of looking for new products, product line extensions, manufacturing or out sourcing, costing and pricing, issues of dealers ... these and many such issues that ultimately lead to strategic marketing management will be dealt in this programme. The focus of the programme will be on collective learning and sharing of best industry practices, what works, what doesnt and why.

Programme Content

  • Understanding the product development process
  • Identifying and evaluating new product development opportunities
  • Designing of new market offerings
  • New product launch strategies
  • Emerging consuming class and new product development
  • Learning from new product failure
  • Service product development
  • Co-creation for new product development

Program Objectives & Learning Outcomes
To understand how to systematically use companys resources for creating successful new product.
To be able to deal with all the factors that goes in to making of a product from idea generation to launch.
To be able to arrive at strategic product decisions based on market analysis.
To understand the emerging concept like co-creation and its role in new product development.


Contact Information
Dr. Rohit Trivedi (rohit@micamail.in)
Mr. Narayanan K Nair (narayanan@micamail.in)
Senior Manager, Management Development Programme Office
MICA, Shela, Ahmedabad 380 058, Gujarat, India
Tel: +91-2717-308250, 247946 to 51, Mob.09724447196 Fax: +91-2717-308349



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