MICA MDP: How To Get The Best Out Of Your Advertising Agency

Start Date:2012-03-14
End Date:2012-03-16
Event Type:Marketing
  • Middle and junior level executives in brand management, product management, advertising, marketing communications and corporate communications of marketing-led companies (in FMCG, Pharma, Media, Retail and Real Estate, etc.) -who are responsible for result-oriented creative done through their ad agencies.
  • Executives in public sector companies (and key government departments where communications campaign play an important role) responsible for marketing communication and corporate communication will also benefit from this MDP.
  • Entrepreneurs, who may have started their ventures but now feel the need of some additional exposure in how to deal with and get the best out of their ad agencies or creative partners, will also find the MDP very useful.
  • Ad agency executives in client servicing and account management will also be able to get the best out of their creative teams after attending this MDP
Event Details:

 Programme Director: Prof. Subhash Tendle

Registration Fees: Rs.15,000/- per participant.



Whether in your ad agency or in your own organizational set up can deliver long-term strategic advantage to your organization. Creativity should be considered a positive management resource that, if nurtured properly, can enhance the value and deliver results that are beyond ordinary. Creative people deliver ideas (and develop these into a campaign) that bring value to the organization be it through marketing communications, internal communications or corporate communication.


Most managers, however, tend to treat creativity as an obstacle rather than a tool to achieve breakthrough ideas. They also find managing creative talent a rather difficult task. Good news is that they can now learn this art and apply.


The art of dealing with creative talent and harnessing to achieve award-winning and effective communication campaign (or individual piece of work) must be learnt by all managers who are responsible for handling communication function in marketing, HR or in corporate communications.

They must know now to encourage and inspire their creative partners whether in an ad agency to produce path breaking, memorable work.


This MDP offers in this area with sensitization and exploration that can become the reference point for professional management practices in your organization.


Experience and explore tools and techniques of managing creative talent to achieve high quality work and make your organization shine!



Program Objectives & Learning Outcomes

  • To understand what role a manager can play in developing ideas and the communication campaign that emerges out of it.
  • To understand how can he become a catalyst in the process of developing communication a campaign?
  • To provide insights how a creative person's mind works and how to deal with creative talent to make the most of it.
  • To help them realize the importance of creativity in communication process and how to harness it as a management resource.


Importance of creativity in communication
What are the barriers to creativity and how to remove them
How to think laterally and become more creative
Importance of the creative brief
How to write a good creative brief.
How to evolve a creative strategy for persuasive communication.
How to evaluate a creative idea or campaign
How to give feedback
How to reward your creative team


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