MICA to host MDP on Creating Demand - Customising Marketing Ideas

Start Date:2012-04-26
End Date:2012-04-28
Event Type:Marketing seminar

 The programme is being offered to executives and senior supervisors of marketing teams for consumer product brands.

Event Details:

Registration Fees:
Rs.18,000/-per participant. ( Plus 10.3% as service tax)

Program Leaders:
Dr. Hemant Trivedi


Dr. Vina Vani

Prof. Amar Gargesh

Progarmme Summary

Innovation is the name of the game. Any company or brand, be it a product, service or experience marketing needs to innovate on a continuous basis in order to remain relevant to changing market needs. The innovation may be in product features, attributes, or elements of the companys value proposition. The innovation then needs to be communicated to the target customers through appropriate integrated marketing communications systems.


In the business of marketing communications ideas are the sole currency. The process of creating demand for a given product or service boils down to: coming up with an idea that will get the target consumer to believe in the value proposition of the marketer. Customers today are not only smarter and better informed, they also have at their disposal a variety of sources of information and tools for collecting information about products and services. The marketer today has to design a communication strategy that monitors and takes into account the entire range of media options available to the customer. This requires the marketer to come up with innovative communications ideas that will convince the customers of the superiority of the companys value proposition as against all substitutes and competitors offerings. That is, the only way demand for a companys brands can be created, developed and maintained.



Program Objectives & Learning Outcomes
The objective of the programme is to develop strategic thinking and aptitude amongst participants through learning by doing approach, with due support from understanding of theoretical concepts and methods of innovative idea generation.


At the end of the programme participants would be able to understand:

Development of innovative idea generating techniques
Alignment of resources to target consumers
Gras of marketing analysis -methods and approaches
Identification and specifying of marketing objectives
Objective oriented strategic planning and implementation

Contact information:
Dr. Hemant Trivedi (hemant@micamail.in)
Mr. Narayanan K Nair (narayanan@micamail.in)
Senior Manager, Management Development Programme Office
MICA, Shela, Ahmedabad 380 058, Gujarat, India
Tel: +91-2717-308250, 247946 to 51
Mob. 09724447196 Fax: +91-2717-308349



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