MICA to host MDP on Leadership through TransCreativity

Start Date:2012-08-22
End Date:2012-08-24
Event Type:MDP on Creativity and Leadership

The MDP on Leadership through TransCreativity is targeted towards senior managers who are engaged in challenging responsibilities and are keen on enhancing their leadership potential. This is a capacity building programme in developing personal creativity that can be used to unleash organizational creativity. The MDP will be very useful for senior managers, in leadership positions, seeking to embed creative processes within their organizations that result in organizational transformation. These include functional heads, senior managers, human resource professionals, general managers and those heading divisions of large established organizations needing a new direction or medium sized organizations on a growth track - both from private companies and from public sector. The MDP will also benefit professionals running their own businesses, entrepreneurs looking for new venture possibilities or NGOs looking at new ways to solve social issues.

Event Details:

Programme Director: Prof. Amar Gargesh

Programme Fee : Rs. 30,000/- per participant for the residential MDP. Plus 12.36% service fee.


What will participants gain?
On completion of the programme on Leadership through TransCreativity, participants will gain insight into the process of creativity and will learn how to use it to provide creative leadership to their organizations. The MDP will help in several areas, including:

  • Opening up the minds to possibilities
  • Providing exposure to best practices in the area of creativity
  • Expanding sources of creativity and ideas
  • Understanding how to use creativity as a management resource
  • Understanding, experiencing and applying customer-centricity
  • Learning and using techniques of TransCreativity
  • Becoming a source of creativity
  • Helping teams and organization to become more creative

Key Takeaways
Participants of the MDP on Leadership through TransCreativitywill return to lead their organizations with several key takeaways, such as:

1. Innovation, Differentiation and Market Leadership: Participants will continuously and consistently be able to deliver innovation in products and services - creating differentiation and triggering growth to achieve competitive edge and market leadership.


2. Utilizing Resource to Deliver Significant Results: Participants will be able to empower their teams and lead their organizations to achieve significant results by maximizing available resources using tools and techniques of TransCreativity.


3. Delighting Customers with Enriching Experience: Participants will learn to create fulfillment through the creation of enriching experience for their target audience with the concepts and practices of TransCreativity.


The last date of accepting nominations is Friday, 17th August, 2012


Early Bird Discount: Nominations received with payment on or before Friday, 3rd August, 2012, will be entitled for an early bird discount of 10%


Group Discount: MICA extends a discount of 10%for a group of 4 or more participants attending this MDP together as a team, from the same organization.


Combine the Two: Organizations, with nominations and payment received on or before Friday, 3rd August, 2012,can avail of both the discounts subject to a maximum overall discount of 15%.


Contact Information

Mudra Institute of Communications,

Ahmedabad, Shela, Ahmedabad 380 058 (India)
Phone: +91 2717 308250

Fax: +91 2717 308349

E-mail: mdp@micamail.in



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