Nikhil Desai conducts HR workshop on 'Unleashing The Potential in Yourself & Your Organization'

Start Date:2012-06-01
End Date:2012-07-31

All executives of the organization at all levels and from all functional areas including Human Resources, Talent Management, Training and all other departments will find tremendous value from this workshop.

Event Details:

                                                               In Pursuit of Excellence

                                  Unleashing The Potential in Yourself & Your Organization


                                                                       Conducted by


      Nikhil Desai, International Speaker, Motivator, Trainer & Director, The Centre For Excellence



Man is a hundred cylinder engine running on only one cylinder.'

- A. Bose


The human resource is the greatest asset of an organization. It is far more important than capital, material or machines. In todays competitive environment every company is looking for ways to enhance the quality of human capital so as to improve their productivity and ultimately boost the companys bottom line. The aim is to have the foundation of TQP (Total Quality People) because effective organizations depend on effective people. 



The power packed session In Pursuit Of Excellence - Unleashing The Potential In Yourself & Your Organization will enable the participants & their organizations to become winners in todays competitive environment by developing the large resource of untapped human potential. 



The In Pursuit Of Excellence - Unleashing The Potential In Yourself & Your Organization session incorporates the wisdom of the east with the latest trends from the west. It helps the participants adopt the V.E.S.TTM of excellence in their professional lives by exploring, understanding, experiencing and implementing four important and fundamental factors:-


Vision - Understand the Strength of Vision and the Process of Achieving Goals.

Enthusiasm - Discover the Power of a Positive Attitude and make Enthusiasm your Greatest Asset.

Stress Management - Stress Reduces Efficiency. Learn some very Easy and Effective Techniques for Rejuvenating the Body and Mind. 

Trust - Develop Deep Trust in Yourself & In Teamwork



The workshop is interactive, participative and experiential.

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