Nikhil Desai of The Centre For Excellence conducts Time Management Program

Start Date:2012-03-02
End Date:2012-03-02
Event Type:Training Workshop

 All executives of the organization at all levels and from all functional areas will find tremendous value from this workshop.

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Time = Life. Master your time and master your life.
                                                                        - Alan Lakein


Time is the most precious resource we have. Everyone is increasingly aware of the cost and value of time. Taking the time to analyse how one works can be an invaluable time-saver in itself, helping one to make their day more productive and less stressful.


Ways of using time become habitual and therefore it is very important to make an initial investment in time to rethink these habits. This program is designed to enable one to improve their time management abilities right away.



To enable the participants to:-
Plan their day and eliminate time wasters
Focus on priorities
Enhance productivity and performance



Concept & philosophy of time management
Defining objectives and setting goals
Planning the day and their priorities
Eliminating & managing time wasters
Taking effective decisions
The art of delegation
Overcoming procrastination



This program is highly interactive, participative and experiential. The workshop takes place in an enthusiastic, warm and inspiring atmosphere using the most appropriate and interesting methods of training.



I have learnt many things to get organized & plan for my company & for myself. It was great to attend the workshop.
I would like to attend more training programs of Mr. Nikhil Desai. I feel Nikhil Desai is one of the great trainers in Asia. He really wants the people like us to grow more in life. My special thanks to him.
                                                                     - Shahid Khan - Executive - VFS Global Services

My thoughts, feelings & learnings after the workshop
A great program with very relevant & practical inputs.
Recall value seems to be very good as the concepts shared were simple, yet very relevant & applicable.
I look forward to implementing these learnings from today onwards and lead a more fulfilling life.
                                                                                 - Megha Malik - Manager OD - Sanofi Aventis

Definitely a very useful and motivating workshop for better time management. A must training program for everyone. Nikhil you make differences in peoples lives - keep up the good work!
                                                    - Abdul Noorul Akram - Consultant - CapGemini Consulting

I have attended numerous workshops but this one was very interesting as Mr. Nikhil Desai touched on all aspects of Time Management and the presentation was very good. Now, I have a clear idea as to how to manage my time effectively. I shall implement the same immediately.
                                         - Sitalaksmi Vishwanath - Executive Secretary - SMS Plastics Technology

A very powerful workshop which can lead me on a path of effectiveness and success.
I am sure the fruits of this session will become habits and remain with me for a life time.
                                                       - Siddharth Rao - Asst. Vice President - J. M. Morgan Stanley

Excellent program! Everyone in the corporate world should attend this program at least once. Very worthwhile!
                                                                                         - Aparna Gor - Global Trade Finance



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