Nikhil Desai to conduct Powerpacked Program for Sales & Marketing Professionals

Start Date:2012-08-01
End Date:2012-12-31
Event Type:Marketing workshop

All executives of the organization who are involved in the Marketing/Sales of products or services will find tremendous value from this program.

Event Details:

                                                      IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE


                                                                Conducted by 

                                    Nikhil Desai, International Speaker, Motivator, Trainer &

                                                Director, The Centre For Excellence 



Man is a hundred cylinder engine running on only one cylinder.'

                                                                                              - A. Bose 


In todays highly competitive environment the SALES FORCE has to be motivated to Unleash the Potential in themselves to enable the organization to thrive ., 


This power packed program has been conducted for various sales team and at many conferences and off sites. 


The human resource is the greatest asset of an organization. It is far more important than capital, material or machines. In todays competitive environment every company is looking for ways to enhance the quality of human capital so as to improve their productivity and ultimately boost the companys bottom line. The aim is to have the foundation of TQP (Total Quality People) because effective organizations depend on effective people. 



The power packed session In Pursuit Of Excellence - Unleashing The Potential In Yourself & Your Organization will enable the participants & their organizations to become winners in todays competitive environment by developing the large resource of untapped human potential. 



The In Pursuit Of Excellence - Unleashing The Potential In Yourself & Your OrganizationTM session incorporates the wisdom of the east with the latest trends from the west. It helps the participants adopt the V.E.S.TTM of excellence in their professional lives by exploring, understanding, experiencing and implementing four important and fundamental factors:- 


Vision - Understand the Strength of Vision and the Process of Achieving Goals.


Enthusiasm - Discover the Power of a Positive Attitude and make Enthusiasm your Greatest Asset.


Stress Management - Stress Reduces Efficiency. Learn some very Easy and Effective Techniques for Rejuvenating the Body and Mind. 


Trust - Develop Deep Trust in Yourself & In Teamwork 



The program is interactive, participative and experiential.

If you need details of this or any of our programs do let us know and we will be happy to send the same to you. 


We look forward to hearing from you regarding your training requirements for this program.

The In Pursuit Of Excellence - Unleashing The Potential In Yourself & Your OrganizationTM is one of Nikhil Desai's flagship programs.

The feedback of participants for this program has been excellent at various international conferences including the:-


  • Asia Pacific Speakers Summit in Singapore
  • Singapore Quality Institute in Singapore
  • Singapore HR Summit


Dubai Human Resource Forum, Dubai

HR Grand Prix, Malaysia

Human Asset Summit, Oman 



Dear Nikhil,

Your session - In Pursuit of Excellence - Unleashing The Potential in Yourself & Your Organization at the HR Grand Prix 2011 in Malaysia was rated No.1 amongst all speakers* by the participants on all the 3 evaluation parameters:-
1. Course Presentation
2. Presentation Style
3. Practicality and Usefulness of Content

                                                            - Mac Ambrose | Conference Production Manager


Other eminent speakers at the Conference from various countries included - Head of Leadership Development - Standard Chartered, Country HR Director - Shell, Chief Learning Officer - Scomi Group, Head of HR - Ikano Retail Asia Ikea, HR Director - BASF, Head of Learning & Development - Telefnica O2 UK, Recruitment Project Manager - L'Oreal, Global Social Media Director - Dell, Chief Human Capital Officer - Telekom Malaysia, Senior HR Manager - Boeing, Head of Capability Development & Learning Innovation Petronas, Senior Manager for Training Operations for AMEA - Abbott Laboratories, People Director - AirAsia X, Employees & Engagement Manager - Intel, Regional Head of Talent & Development - APAC, Deutsche Bank.



Excellent presentation - charming and very knowledgeable speaker.

Inspiring and motivating - the energy of his performance had surely influenced the whole audience in a very positive way. I will definitely recommend him for training.

                                                          Daniela Sfeir - Sr. B D Manager - London Business School 


Wonderful Experience. Fascinating Clear thoughts.

The depth of knowledge that Nikhil Desai is holding is mind blowing.

We need more opportunities to share this ocean of knowledge that he is having.

                                            - Ranjoo Simon Key Accounts Manager Jotun Paints Co Muscat



Very good. Opened up dormant thoughts, feelings, etc., that would help in personal and official life. Many thanks, excellent session indeed!

                                                 - Subrashante R - HR Manager - Assetco PLC - Abu Dhabi 



One of the best sessions ever attended. Great energy, positiveness, enthusiasm brought in to the mind. To lead a lively life believing in my self what I can do to keep up cool. Increased level of confidence and energy level to make some positive differences in future.

                                                                                - Ravi Kumar - Product Specialist - Pfizer


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