NITIE Mumbai to host seminar on Marketing Skills for Executives

Start Date:2012-04-23
End Date:2012-04-25
Event Type:Marketing seminar

All Executives / Managers in charge of Sales or Marketing functions
Newly appointed SBU heads
Managers without any formal qualification in Marketing Management

Event Details:

Faculty : Dr. Ranjan Chaudhuri

                        SAARC Countries          Other Countries

Residential              Rs 12000/-                   US $ 1200
Non-Residential      Rs 10000/-                    US $ 1000


The word strategy has its origin in Greek vernacular meaning how a General, in command of an army, leads his troop. In the context of contemporary world of business, the concept of Strategy was seen as a plan for achieving organizational goals. Till the early 1980s, marketing strategy was merely an implicit formulation of the marketing mix or 4Ps to achieve certain marketing objectives. The continuous change in the marketing environment has lead to an inflection point for the companies to re-visit their Marketing Strategies. Currently marketing strategy formulation means choosing the target market/s, carefully taking decisions related to various marketing aspects, while keeping in mind one's competence and resources.


Orientation to Marketing Strategy for the participants
Deliberate on issues like changing consumer trends, competition, and growing importance of rural Indian market
Focus on branding, positioning and pricing as a tool for effective implementation of marketing strategy
Highlight the recent developments in Integrated Marketing Communications, Retailing and the growth of modern format retail trade, and effective sales and distribution management
Discussion on how leading Indian companies manage their products and their underlying marketing strategies.

Past and the Present: Marketing Today
Scanning the Environment: Consumer Trends and Competitive Scenario
Changing Consumer Behaviour: Marketing Relationship Strategies
Emerging Rural Market in India: Opportunities and Consequent Marketing


Future: Marketing Tomorrow
Marketing Strategy Formulation
Product Innovation & Development Strategies

Reaching There: Bridging the Gap
Experiential Marketing and Branding
Managing Modern Format Retailing in India
Consumer Centric Communication Strategies
Sales and Distribution Management to harness Marketing Effectiveness
Marketing Challenges in future


Assistant Registrar (Programmes)
National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Vihar Lake, Mumbai - 400 087.
Phone : (022) 2857 3371, 28035269 Fax : (022) 2857 4033/ 2857 3251
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