Start Date:2013-02-07
End Date:2013-02-09
Event Type:Management Development Programme

Corporate Professionals responsible for Planning/Execution/Monitoring of Operational Activities of their organization.  

Event Details:

The programme focus on different aspects of operations strategy, three basic themes will be stressed throughout the course. First, developing operations strategy involves considering factors beyond the traditional boundaries of the operations function. Such factors include the overall competitive position of the firm, the nature of market demand, competitor's actions, government regulations, and so on. Second, there is a strong linkage between a firm's competitive strategy and its operations strategy. If this linkage is maintained, operations can become a formidable competitive weapon. If this linkage is neglected, even the best-designed strategies can fail. Finally, the programme will consider operations strategy issues in an integrative manner by developing the interrelationship between operations, finance, and accounting.  

Programme Fee
Residential - 28500 + Service Tax 12.36%
Non Residential - 23000 + Service Tax 12.36%