Personal Growth and Team Building Seminar at IIM Calcutta

Start Date:2012-06-25
End Date:2012-06-29
Event Type:Strategy Workshop

 Managers and Executives from all ranks and types of organizations

Event Details:

Programme Director:  Prof. B.N.Srivastava

Fees: The fee for each residential participant is Rs.45, 000/- plus service tax. The fee for residential participant covers tuition, board and lodging (single occupancy) under conference plan, and course materials etc.
The fee for each non-residential participant is Rs.38, 000/-plus service tax. The fee of non-residential participant covers tuition, mid-morning and mid-evening tea, lunch, and course materials etc.



The primary purpose of this programme is to provide participants with an opportunity to learn more about ones own self as a person so as to become more competent in interpersonal relationships, and learn how our perceptions and feelings affect and are affected by others perceptions and feelings. The programme will also focus on the dynamics of group formation, group norms and group development.

Programme Objectives
Specifically the programme objectives are:

  • To help increase individuals awareness of his/her own perceptions, feelings, reactions, expressions and its impact on others.
  • To gain insight into the meaning and consequences of our own behaviours and actions on others behaviours and actions.
  • To understand and experience the dynamics and processes of group behavior
  • To examine the conditions of group effectiveness
  • To develop the skills in diagnosing and taking more effective interpersonal and group actions.

What Are The Learning Methods?

  • The method will be compatible with the learning objectives. As such, most of the sessions will be agenda-less group discussions. The data for discussions are the data provided by the interaction of group members as they strive to create a viable society for themselves. Actions, reactions, interactions, and the concomitant feelings accompanying all of these are the data for the group. This experiential learning will be aided and strengthened by brief conceptual and theoretical inputs and exercises. In short, this experience-based learning method aims to develop two basic skills:
  • Conceptual skills- which will serve as tool in linking personal goals, values, and intentions to actions with internal consistency and situational contingency.
  • Behavioural skills- in diagnosing group process and developing task-role and maintenance-role in group work, skills in interpersonal communication and competence in dealing with integration of intentions and actions.


Contact Information:

Tata Hall, CMDP Complex,
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta,
Diamond Harbour Road, Post: Joka
Kolkata 700 104

Tel: 91+ 33 - 24679189/8301-04 Ext. 336/134
Fax: 91 + 33 2467 7851/8307

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