Seminar on Creative Decision Making in Marketing: behavioral Research Applications at XLRI Jamshedpur

Start Date:2012-08-06
End Date:2012-08-08
Event Type:Marketing

Middle & Junior level executives in Marketing, Advertising and Retail Companies.

Event Details:

Programme Director(s): Prof Manish Singhal & Prof Sanjeev Varshney
Res. Double: 28,500*
Non-Res.: 21,000*


Innovation and successful new product launches has always been a challenge for marketing and business managers. Some of the international research studies report failure rate of as high as 85%. With every failure, years of effort and planning go waste and many corporations turn red or are not able to maintain their growth rates. Behind all successful new product launches, deeper and insightful understanding of consumer needs and consumer decision making process is imperative. But understanding consumer behavior for effective marketing decisions has always been a challenge for Marketing managers. Marketing decisions taken most of the time are run of the mill and have been found inadequate or incompetent to establish a rapport with the consumer. Researchers in marketing have always been in search of ways and means to understand consumer better. Behavioral Research in marketing using principles of psychology, sociology and cognitive neurology is one such step in the direction and is committed to provide deeper and better insights about the consumer decision making process. This programme shall introduce the participants to the world of behavioral research for effective decision making. The training program takes a broader perspective and introduces need for creative thinking for marketing and organizational leadership. The programme will provide user friendly frameworks and approaches to apply learning for effective and creative marketing decisions. The programme aims at providing: A rationale for creativity and organizational leadership. Ways and means for creative thinking and to resolve mind-set. Knowledge and applications of behavioural research techniques for creative marketing decisions.


Programme Contents
1.Creativity & Organizational Leadership
2.Creative Thinking and Mind-set
3.Creative Decision making in Marketing
4.Activity Analysis for New Product Development
5.Interplay of Left and Right Brain for Creative Decision Making
6.Behavioral research for Creative Decision Making in Marketing


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