Seminar on Strategic Leadership for Schools in a Changing Environment at IIM Ahmedabad

Start Date:2011-10-10
End Date:2011-10-15
Event Type:Strategy

Principals of senior secondary schools (with classes upto XIIth) affiliated to state, national or international boards.

Event Details:

Programme Director(s):
• M.R.Dixit
• Manjari Singh
• Mukul Vasavada
• Neharika Vohra
• Vijaya Sherry Chand
• Kavitha Ranganathan
• Rajeev Sharma (Coordinator)


Fee: Rs. 38,605/- is chargeable (Programme fee Rs. 35,000/- and service tax @ 10.3%)


In the rapidly changing world, many institutions of our society are passing through a challenging phase. The situation is even more complex and critical for educational institutions, particularly for schools. What happens in schools today is likely to determine what will happen in our society in future. It also seems to be true, that often, there are no definite or perfect answers for the issues being faced by schools today. It is our contention that principal of a school has the most pivotal role in shaping the destiny of the school. As the administrative and academic head, principal has a unique leadership role which can be immensely challenging and highly rewarding, at the same time. However, for effectively responding to the challenges, an exchange of ideas and practices is critical. The programme will focus on the multiple roles and responsibilities of the school principal, provide space to examine issues that most principals face today and facilitate evolving a strategic response for a better future for schools.

Areas to be explored:
• Strategic management and decision making
• Elements of visionary leadership
• Introducing and managing change at institutional level
• Managing human resources and implementing suitable systems of appraisal, evaluation and feedback for teachers and staff
• Interpersonal communication and team building
• Issues in teacher development
• Establishing effective interface with all the stakeholders
• Achieving excellence through innovations in pedagogy
• Role of information technology in promoting excellence in schools
• Managing innovations in schools

Contact Information:

Manager - MDP
Indian Institute of Management
Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380 015