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Start Date:2012-08-01
End Date:2012-11-30
Event Type:General Management Seminar

Executive managers 

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                                                          Conducted by


 Nikhil Desai, International Speaker, Motivator, Trainer & Director, The Centre For Excellence 


We live in a period of rapid change. Changing lifestyles, technological advances and a very intensely competitive business environment have created tremendous stress for all of us. With the fast pace of life in the modern world we are all feeling burnt out as stress is slowly but surely taking its toll. 


Rising stress levels are a root cause of people not being able to perform to their highest potential.

According to a survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates - Three-fourths of employees believe there is more on-the-job stress than a generation ago. 


No executive or company can afford to ignore the effects of stress.


Stress affects decision making, interpersonal relations, the quality of work and the level of productivity.


To enable the participants to:-

  • Resolve & dissolve stress
  • Feel more energized
  • Improve problem solving and decision making
  • Increase work effectiveness
  • Achieve peak performance & productivity 



  • Develop a deeper understanding of stress
  • Determine early warning signs
  • Know cause of stress
  • Understand the interplay of body and mind in the stress process
  • Deal with stressful behaviours, thoughts and attitudes
  • Make relaxation & energizing techniques a habit
  • Gain practical tips on stress busters
  • The techniques of laughter
  • Learn to keep body and mind tuned through:
  1. Yogic stretching
  2. Simple but powerful breathing techniques

Guided meditation 



The workshop is interactive, participative and experiential.


The Stress Management Workshop is one of Nikhil Desai's flagship programs. It is considered by many to be one of the best Stress Management workshops in the world.

The feedback of participants for this program has been excellent at various international conferences including the:-

  • IFTDO World Conference on Training & Development in Malaysia in 2006
  • Asia Pacific Speakers Summit in Singapore in 2007
  • IFFPS Global Speakers Summit & The International Gathering in Dubai in 2007
  • ISPI/IFTDO Conference in San Francisco in 2007
  • International Society for Performance Improvement Europe 2009 Conference, Ireland
  • International Society for Performance Improvement 2010 Conference, Sweden
  • HR & Training Congress Philippines, 2011



Excellent. The best workshop at the world conference of IFTDO (International Training and Development Organization).

                                                                      - Zarina - Head HR - Abrar - Malaysia


The Stress Management workshop was the best workshop that I have ever attended.

Mr. Nikhil Desai is very clear in his thoughts and explained stress relieving in a very practical and effective manner.

                                                          - Suresh Kumar - Plant Engineering Executive - Asian Paints 


The Program was really an eye opener. The stress & the ways to manage the stress were fantastic these ways were not only easy but require less time The ability of speaker Mr. Desai to conduct as interactive progress was simply great! We read a lot about stress & managing this stress but making it understand in a simple & convincing way was really outstanding. The good things we are carrying with us will help us throughout our lives. Thanks a lot for such wonderful program.

                                                        - Sarita Pagar Asst. Manager BPO Oman - Muscat 


his is the best program that I have ever attended in my life as it brings the health creation & with good health you can achieve anything in life. As the program gives a lot in very short time


i. e. how to live our life in an absolute manner. It brings positive thoughts in me for anything & everything. So, I am very thankful to Mr. Nikhil Desai. It was a very fruitful investment.

                                                                          - Alok Desai Sr. Executive JM Financial Services 


Excellent session for everyone! Thank you for sharing ways to manage stress both at the workplace and home.

                                         - Elizabeth Blow Deputy Training Officer U.S. Coast Guard U.S.A 


I feel more energized. It is going to help me improve my job performance.

                                          - Anne Jorritsma Learning Leader Europe GE Plastics - Netherlands 



With excellent feedback from all the participants, Nikhil Desais Stress Management Workshop at the International Society for Performance Improvement/IFTDO Conference in San Francisco, U.S.A. in 2007 was rated amongst the top sessions of the conference.


As a result he was invited to deliver an Encore presentation in New York for the 2008 conference.

Kim Akoto, CMP, Director of Meetings & Awards, ISPI, USA sent a mail to Nikhil as follows:-


Dear Nikhil,

The International Society For Performance Improvement (ISPI) would like to invite you to hold an Encore Presentation at the 2008 Performance Improvement Conference to be held April 5-8, 2008 in New York City, NY at the Marriott New York Marquis.

Encore presentations are a special feature of the Conference. They are selected based on the number of evaluations collected and the score received for the session.

The session you delivered at the 2007 ISPI/IFTDO Annual Performance Conferences received an evaluation score in the top 10 of all sessions offered.

Congratulations on being selected as a 2008 Encore Presenter.


Kim Akoto 

If you need details of this or any of our programs do let us know and we will be happy to send the same to you. 


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