The Centre For Excellence conducts workshop on Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking

Start Date:2012-05-01
End Date:2012-06-30
Event Type:Training Workshop

All executives of the organization at all levels and from all functional areas will find tremendous value from this workshop.

Event Details:


  • Unleash Your Creative Potential and Start Inspiring original Ideas to Solve All Your Problems Innovatively!
  • The human mind has unlimited power to create. All we see around us is, to start with, the result of the spark of a brilliant idea.
  • The persistence of the ignition of this idea results in varieties of inventions and continuous innovations of products and services.
  • How do you generate tremendous idea from within that can change the world around you? Learning to Think Out-of-the-Box and Beyond the Conventional Manner has become a necessity to win in todays fast-paced globally shrinking world. 



  • Learn to think Out-of-the-Box and create new winning ideas
  • See everyday problems in a new light
  • Develop unique and innovative solutions to problems
  • How to think differently in different situations
  • How to overcome any work-related barrier by prospecting, assessing and mobilizing it
  • See everything around you through the eyes of a transformer



  • What is Creativity?
  • Principles of Creativity
  • Barriers to Creativity
  • Role of Continuous Innovation
  • Abilities of the Human Brain to achieve anything it wants
  • What is an idea? Principles of generating and managing winning ideas
  • Lateral Thinking and Thinking Hats Method
  • Option Assessment Matrix
  • Process and Idea Mapping
  • The Attribute Listing Method of Creative Thinking
  • Perspective Thinking
  • Free Association
  • Power of Affirmations
  • Observation Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving Model 



Experiential Learning, Impact Power Point Presentations, Creative Problem Solving Activities, Hands-on Creative Thinking Tools and Techniques, Creative Videos and Visuals, Experience Sharing, Implementation Strategies, Role Plays, Idea Contest, Brainstorming, Case Studies, Real-life stories and Examples. 


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